5 TV crime dramas on Acorn TV to watch this Thanksgiving weekend

Queens of Mystery -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Queens of Mystery -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /
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Queens of Mystery — Courtesy of Acorn TV
Queens of Mystery — Courtesy of Acorn TV /

5. Queens of Mystery

When you need a good old fashioned murder mystery, Queens of Mystery is the series for you. There’s one season on Acorn TV right now, making it the perfect Thanksgiving weekend binge. You’ll even have time for other shows on this list.

This is a series that includes a narrator. There are plenty of standard mystery aspects and you’ll feel like you’re in a 1930s whodunnit world. That’s the whole point! That’s the whole fun of the series.

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However, while it’s a parody of sorts, this is also a series that if focused on delivering great storytelling and women you can support. Olivia Vinall plays Matilda Stone, the neice of three women who was raised by all three after the mysterious disappearance of her mother. Nobody knows what happened to Matilda’s mother, and it’s a mystery that crops up now and then.

Her aunts are all mystery writers, but they all have secrets of their own. And the catch for Matilda is that she’s a police officer in the local force, a force that isn’t all that happy about three meddling women when it comes to crimes in the area. Matilda needs to find a way to do her job and keep her aunts at bay, but working with them when she knows they’re needed.

Every two episodes tells a new story. You get three stories in total with the season that’s available. Don’t worry! There is more to come.