3 reasons why we’re excited for Dan Abrams’ new show Court Cam

Dan Abrams hosts A&E's Live PD and its spinoff series Court Cam. Photo Credit: Courtesy of A&E.
Dan Abrams hosts A&E's Live PD and its spinoff series Court Cam. Photo Credit: Courtesy of A&E. /

Court Cam premieres tonight on A&E, and here’s why we’re excited for Dan Abrams to bring us the latest show in the expanded Live PD universe.

Get ready for Court Cam! Tonight A&E unveils its newest true crime series with Live PD host Dan Abrams getting his own program where he showcases the most exciting courtroom drama.

Of all the true crime shows that the network has rolled out following the success of Live PD, this may be the one we’re most excited for. It offers up something we genuinely haven’t seen before, and creates a 90-minute true crime block with Live PD Presents: PD Cam and Live PD: Wanted.

Check out the reasons we’ll be tuning into the Court Cam premiere below, then check out the first two episodes back-to-back at 9:00 and 9:30 p.m. ET/PT only on A&E!

Here’s why we’re excited for Court Cam:

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Dan Abrams’ puns

Dan Abrams is hilarious. Anyone who’s watched Live PD knows that one of the best parts of the show are the jokes Dan makes to inject some levity. There’s no clip he can’t make some kind of pun about.

We’re genuinely interested to see if he carries that sense of humor over to Court Cam. Obviously, there will be some serious clips that he can’t joke about, but it won’t be all doom and gloom on the show—so there have to be some opportunities for Dan to crack a joke or two.

The reason you give someone their own show is because you believe the audience wants to watch them, and a large reason why viewers love Dan is his great personality, exemplified by all the puns, quips and the occasional dad joke. This new show is the perfect stage for him to have audiences both engaged and entertained.

Dan finally gets his own show

We’ll admit it: when A&E gave Sean “Sticks” Larkin his own Live PD spinoff, then premiered another one a few months ago with Tom Morris Jr. hosting, we felt really bad for Dan Abrams. Why was he being left out? When was he going to get his own show? So we’re glad that he’s finally going to have one.

All of the Live PD personalities are awesome, but if the network was going to hand out spinoffs to Sticks and Tom, then Dan deserved one too. Especially with Grace vs. Abrams having been off A&E for more than a year, he needed something else to do other than host another 60 Days In reunion special.

Not that Dan doesn’t have enough to do with his “day jobs” at ABC News and his Law & Crime Productions (which produces Court Cam), but it always felt like A&E hadn’t quite used him as much as they could have. Now this is perfectly in his wheelhouse, and it’s about time!

The courtroom surprises

Of course, it’s not just the host that’s going to make Court Cam worth watching. The subject matter is different from the other shows that A&E and other crime networks currently offer. We have plenty of shows that feature clips from police videos, but this is the first time we’ve seen courtroom footage.

Which is important, because common perception is that we all know what goes on inside courts and most of it’s “boring.” That’s actually far from the truth; courtrooms can be as fascinating as any other part of our justice system. We’re excited to see Court Cam put a spotlight on that and help to dispel that myth.

Plus, we’re just hoping that A&E dug up footage from State of Georgia v. Denver Fenton Allen. That’s the epitome of crazy court case!

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Court Cam airs Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on A&E.