Baptiste renewed for second and potentially final season

BBC has decided to renew Baptiste for a second season. It could be bittersweet news, as it sounds like it’s going to be the last.

Baptiste is officially coming back for a second season. However, it looks like the show is setting things up for the end. And I’m not sure any of us are ready.

The BBC series is a spin-off of the highly praised series called The Missing. Baptiste was introduced as the detective in the series, and he went on to gain his own series. This is a detective who takes on some of the trickiest, darkest cases, and we’re left with some psychological horrors of people after watching a full season.

Baptiste Season 2 will be the most ambitious yet, with a story told over two time periods. There will also be homage paid to The Missing, making it sound like that crime drama won’t return either, even though it really has been one of the strongest ever.

In a way, I guess it’s a good thing that these dramas are ending on a high. The last thing we want is for our dramas to go on so long that they become stale and boring. We’re left wanting and needing more, which shows just how amazing the writing has been.

According to Deadline, the filming for Baptiste Season 2 begins in February. It will take place in Budapest.

Fiona Shaw joins the series

The renewal also came with the announcement of a new actress joining the series. Killing Eve and Harry Potter star Fiona Shaw will take on the role of Ambassador Emma Chambers. Her family goes missing while on a skiing holiday in the Hungarian alps, leading to Baptiste’s skills being required to find them.

It’s a chance to delve into the corrupt underground world of Budapest. Of course, I’m sure there’s some larger storyline linked to the British ambassador.

This is likely to be the last, with a goodbye to Baptiste. Does that mean he’s not going to make it out of the case alive or will he finally retire? I just can’t see him going into retirement, can you?

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What do you think of Baptiste Season 2? Are you ready to say goodbye? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Baptiste Season 2 is confirmed but has no release date as of yet.

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