Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 11 preview: Clearing Carson’s name

Nancy Drew goes back to her mission of clearing her father’s name in Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 11. Here’s how to watch the episode live and a preview of what to expect.

It’s time to clear Carson Drew’s name. Of course, that’s going to be easier said than done, but Nancy is on a mission in Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 11. It could get her into a lot of trouble, and here’s a preview of things to expect.

Clearing Carson’s name could get Nancy in the way of Owen. He wants to get justice for the victims of the Bonny Scot, something he’s raised a few times. It’s not going to be easy for Owen considering the coins that would help to do that were melted. He doesn’t know how they were melted, but it pushes him one step back.

However, Owen is willing to work with his new-found cousin (yes, Bess is related after all) and Nick to get to the bottom of things. That could cause trouble for the Hudsons, which likely means trouble for Nancy. And does that mean trouble for Nancy and Bess, two who have become excellent team members?

The problem for Nancy is that she isn’t just trying to clear her father’s name because he’s her father. She wants to make sure the right person is sent down for Lucy’s murder. She owes it that much to help the spirit move on properly considering everything that’s happened.

It would be nice to have one of the murders solved, right? Then the rest of the season can have some cases of the week and focus on Tiffany’s murder.

Check out the promo and synopsis for Nancy Drew Season 1, Episode 11 below:

When Nancy’s quest to clear Carson’s name clashes with Owen’s pursuit of justice for the victims of the Bonny Scot, she must decide how far she’s willing to go to get her dad out of jail.

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Don’t miss out on Nancy Drew. The CW makes it easy to catch up the following day with the CW App, but you can also watch live with the following details:

Date: Jan. 22
Start Time: 9/8c
Episode: Season 1, Episode 11, “The Phantom of the Bonny Scot”
TV Channel: The CW
Live Stream: Watch the episode live on The CW/strong> or grab yourself a 7-day free trial of Fubo TV.