Live PD welcoming back Jefferson County, Alabama officers

Live PD Host Dan Abrams, Guest Analyst Sean "Sticks" Larkin, and Analyst Tom Morris Jr. Photo Credit: Courtesy of A&E.
Live PD Host Dan Abrams, Guest Analyst Sean "Sticks" Larkin, and Analyst Tom Morris Jr. Photo Credit: Courtesy of A&E. /

Live PD no longer features the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, but two of the Alabama featured deputies and the sheriff will be in studio this weekend.

Jefferson County, Alabama is returning to Live PD for one weekend—but only in the A&E show’s studio.

While the true crime series stopped following the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office last year, the popularity of the officers they followed didn’t go unnoticed. Live PD has invited them back to serve as in-studio analysts this weekend.

That means Brandon Sunday and Deanna Marshall will sit alongside Dan Abrams and Tom Morris Jr. during the March 6 and 7 episodes, offering their commentary on what’s happening in the field as it happens.

Jefferson County Sheriff Mark Pettway will also join the broadcast.

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It’s become common for Live PD to invite popular officers to travel to New York and appear as part of the studio team.

Among the many who have been guest analysts include Addy Perez, Danny Brown, and Kevin Lawrence from Richland County, SC; Denver Leverett from Jeffersonville, IN; and Juan Mercado and John Oliva from Mission, TX.

Arguably the most famous example is Sgt. Sean “Sticks” Larkin of Tulsa, OK, who was a featured officer on the show before accepting a gig as Live PD‘s permanent third chair and later host of the spinoff PD Cam. (It’s not likely that Larkin is in this weekend’s episodes, though, as he usually takes the weekend off when guests are there.)

But it used to be that those guest analyst roles were only offered to people whose departments were currently on the show. More recently A&E has shown increased flexibility by allowing officers like Marshall and Sunday to appear even though their department’s contract has ended.

Oklahoma State Trooper Russell Callicoat was another officer who turned up on the show after his organization’s contract had expired.

It’s an excellent move on the part of the network and producers, because the officers make the show what it is, and people miss them long after departments have rotated out. In the case of Deanna Marshall and Brandon Sunday specifically, this will also be the first time they’ve been in the studio, so it will be the first chance Live PD fans have gotten to see them out of uniform and ask them questions on social media.

Watch a memorable clip from Jefferson County’s Live PD tenure by playing the video below, then tune in tonight to see Sunday and Marshall in studio!

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