Acorn TV extends free trial for TV crime drama binge-watching

MIDSOMER MURDERS XXl'The Sting of Death'Neil Dudgeon as DCI John BarnabyBen Starr as Noah MoonFiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby
MIDSOMER MURDERS XXl'The Sting of Death'Neil Dudgeon as DCI John BarnabyBen Starr as Noah MoonFiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby /

Acorn TV is extending an olive branch to TV crime drama fans who need shows to binge-watch by extending the streamer’s free trial to 30 days.

With everyone looking for TV crime dramas to watch from home, Acorn TV has offered a full month free to new subscribers. That’s three weeks more than the week-long free trial that the streamer normally offers!

Fans can sign up here starting immediately and will get a 30-day free trial as long as they use the promo code FREE30.

Acorn TV has a wide variety of TV crime dramas and mysteries from the United Kingdom and other international series. They include the long-running fan favorite Midsomer Murders, which has over 120 episodes (that’s more 180 hours!) of murders to solve.

More from TV Crime Dramas

Every episode of the massive U.K. hit Line of Duty is available there now, as is the new season of Blood, the Irish drama starring Line of Duty‘s Adrian Dunbar. Blood just started its second season at the beginning of March, so viewers can jump on now, as well as catch up by streaming the first season.

The new series Deadwater Fell, starring Doctor Who‘s David Tennant and The Good Wife‘s Cush Jumbo, will be streaming there beginning on April 6—well within the 30-day range for any viewer who signs up for a free trial this month.

You can also check out the Australian crime drama My Life Is Murder, starring Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess) as a former cop turned private investigator, and Canada’s period series Murdoch Mysteries.

Those are just a handful of TV crime dramas and TV mysteries that are available through Acorn TV. It has more than enough to keep fans busy over the next month, and since these are also series that for the most part don’t air on U.S. airwaves, the majority of it will be new to viewers, too.

Be sure that you use code FREE30 when signing up for your free trial, though, because viewers will only get the extra 23 days if you input that promo code at signup.

But if you’re looking for something to watch, and something that’s different from Netflix or Hulu, this is an excellent opportunity to start checking out crime dramas from around the world—and to watch them for free!

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What Acorn TV series are you interested in watching? Are you going to sign up for a free trial or are you already subscribed? Check out what’s just arrived this month by clicking the link above and let us know what you’re interested in below.