Watch SWAT Season 3, Episode 17 live

SWAT Season 3, Episode 17 is a personal one for Luca, as his brother becomes a potential hostage in a situation. Here’s how to watch the episode live.

If you thought the episode involving his neighborhood was hard, wait until you see what Luca is dealing with in SWAT Season 3, Episode 17. This case is certainly on the more personal side, and here’s how to watch it all play out live.

The episode involves a hostage situation at a local hotel. It’s going to take the whole team to resolve this situation, making sure everyone makes it out alive. The problem is that there are a lot of chess pieces on the board.

One of the biggest chess pieces is Luca’s brother. This brother is a freelance journalist and needs to get the story. So to do that, he steps over police lines and puts himself in trouble. He ends up as one of the hostages, and you know that Luca is going to do what he can to protect his brother.

The problem is Luca is still back at base. He has to help run the situation from there since he’s not fit enough to get back into the field yet. Sitting back and relying on his team isn’t something Luca really wants to do. It’s not that he doesn’t trust his colleagues but that he feels the need to be here, too.

If he can’t go as a member of SWAT, maybe he can go as a civilian. Hicks isn’t about to let that happen. Will Luca defy orders and put his job at risk?

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You’ll get to find out in the new episode tonight. Firstly, here’s the promo and synopsis to get an idea of what to expect on SWAT Season 3, Episode 17:

The team must protect a hotel full of civilians after a mission goes wrong and the city’s most dangerous gang leaders scatter across the building to find an escape; Luca’s brother, a freelance reporter, crosses police lines to shoot footage.

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Don’t miss out on the all-new episode of SWAT. You can watch live on CBS All Access and catch up on-demand, but you can also watch live with the following details:

Date: Wednesday, Mar. 25
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 3, Episode 17, “Hotel L.A.”
TV Channel: CBS
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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