Dean Petriw teases new Apple TV+ murder mystery Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark -- Courtesy of Apple TV+
Home Before Dark -- Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

Apple TV+ has a lot of great new shows on their way. Home Before Dark is a murder mystery you want to pay attention to. Dean Petriw teases the series.

Apple TV+ has certainly been an excellent source of entertainment. Whether you love alternate history like For All Mankind or you need a creepy mystery like Servant. It has you covered. Now it has you covered with TV crime dramas and murder mysteries, with Home Before Dark debuting in April.

Home Before Dark is one of the shows that hasn’t been as heavily promoted as others up to this point. However, it’s going to be worth the watch for those who like the whodunit style shows. It’s dark, thrilling, and captivating.

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Home Before Dark is told over the course of 10 episodes. Te good news is that unlike Defending Jacob, it’s not promoted as a limited series. If there’s enough support, we could see more of this exciting series.

Dean Petriw talked with Precinct TV exclusively about Home Before Dark and his character, Young Matt. He also shares information about his podcast, his dream role, and much more.

Precinct TV: What can you tell us about Young Matt in Home Before Dark?

Dean Petriw: Young Matt is basically the childhood version of Matthew Lisko, a journalist who has moved back to his hometown with his family.  The story revolves around a traumatic incident in Matt’s childhood so when the story visits the past that’s where my character comes in.

PTV: What can you tell us about the series without spoilers?

Petriw: I did say a bit right there, but this series will keep you hanging at the end of every episode!  It is a story about a young journalist, Hilde Lisko trying to crack a cold case. It’s a heartwarming journey with twists and turns that would challenge even the greatest journalists.

Dean Petriw. Photo credit: Noah Asanias
Dean Petriw. Photo credit: Noah Asanias /

PTV: What was the biggest thing you learned about your job while being on set with such an amazing cast?

Petriw: That it is such a privilege to work with great actors like Jim Sturgess, Kiefer O’Reilly, Brooklyn Prince, and so many more! They are so talented!

Also, I learned that having fun with your cast and crew between scenes is a great way to keep the energy up on some long days.  For example, did you know that air guitar competitions are a thing?! I learned that while having a croissant hanging out with Kiefer and Nicholas. It’s really awkward to watch! Just ask Kiefer.

PTV: That’s so funny! I will definitely have to ask about that! What was your favorite part of filming?

Petriw: Besides the banter with cast and crew and the good laughs, I’d have to say my favorite part is when the director or really anyone makes an interesting creative choice and it totally makes the scene jump off the page and become more than any of us expected. Oh, and not messing up. That’s good too.

PTV: You’ve been acting from a very young age and have done so many different genres and also some voice work. Do you have a favorite?

Petriw: I’m not sure, but each is kind of like flexing a different muscle.  It’s fun seeing some of the animation with my voice going along with it.  Sometimes I voice characters that look completely different from me which is fun to watch.

I love comedy and also dramas like Home Before Dark but those aren’t different things to me since even if there isn’t comedy on screen, you can bet there was lots off-screen!

Dean Petriw. Photo credit: Noah Asanias
Dean Petriw. Photo credit: Noah Asanias /

PTV: I know you have a podcast. Can you tell us a little about that?

Petriw: Yes!! I have a podcast called Express Fan View.  It’s about my local Junior A hockey team the Coquitlam Express. You might want to look them up. Or listen to my podcast on PodBean. Unfortunately, no new episodes will be coming out soon since the playoffs have been suspended. Oh well! More time to catch up on my podcast!

PTV: I’d like to get to know you as Dean a little. What other passions do you have? Is there something, in particular, you’d like us to know about you?

Petriw: As you just heard I’m a hockey fan.  Also a soccer fan, and I play on a local team. I keep up with the big stories in baseball, basketball, and football (both Canadian and American). I actually like dancing every now and then and am almost pretty good too!

I compete in track and field as well.  Especially the 80-meter hurdles!

Other than that, I read a lot and always have.  My dad told me when I was little that reading was breaking a secret code to someone else’s thoughts.  Read a book and you’re an instant mind reader! How cool is that?!

PTV: What would your dream role be if you could do absolutely anything at all?

Petriw: I would probably try a role like a tech nerd that messes everything up. Or a star for a reality TV show but the show breaks down halfway through Season 1, so the camera crew tries to stalk the characters so that they can have a full series. That would be interesting. I could totally imagine a scene where someone spots catering setting up the crew’s lunch table! That would be priceless!

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You can check out Home Before Dark on Apple TV+ from Apr. 3, 2020.