Line of Duty and the 10 best TV crime dramas on Acorn TV

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Midsomer Murders
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8. Midsomer Murders

When you want plenty of episodes to keep you entertained, there’s only one of the Acorn TV crime dramas to check out. It’s all about Midsomer Murders with 20 seasons of excellent TV.

As you would expect, it’s a police procedural, taking place in the fictional town called Midsomer. You would think people would start to move out of this town with how many murders happen, but I guess that wouldn’t make great TV.

We follow the lives of the local inspectors as they figure out each of the cases. This is a story- and character-focused series, with a lot of attention on the police work and not multiple relationships happening throughout.

7. Straight Forward

What happens when a Danish con-woman’s father is murdered. Naturally, she decides to plot revenge on the crime kingpin. Most people would probably just be angry and dream about revenge, but she is ready to take it.

However, this Danish woman is forced to flee to New Zealand to keep her family safe at the same time. Is it possible to plot and gain revenge from the other side of the world? This adrenaline-filled series is certainly going to put it all to the test.

There are only eight episodes to the series available, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best TV crime dramas on Acorn TV.