Line of Duty and the 10 best TV crime dramas on Acorn TV

Line of Duty -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Line of Duty -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /
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Blood — Courtesy of Acorn TV
Blood — Courtesy of Acorn TV /

4. Blood

Fans of Broadchurch are going to want to check out Blood, this psychological mystery. Right now there is one full season and the second season is being released on a weekly basis. The full second season will be available by the middle of April.

Adrian Dunbar stars as the respected doctor in a small Irish town. After the death of his wife, which is believed to be an accident, this doctor struggles to keep his family close. Due to a childhood trauma, his daughter is sure that he had something to do with her mother’s death.

3. No Offence

When it comes to Irish TV crime dramas, Acorn TV certainly has you covered. One of the strongest is No Offence, which tells a standalone story across six episodes. It all starts with a young refugee turning up dead at a bus stop. However, there is clearly more to this story, and it involves sex trafficking.

It’s up to the local Garda to figure out who killed the young woman and why. At the same time, it offers a look at the refugee system, which isn’t as cushty as many would have you believe. It’s a dark and twisty tale and it’s not going to be easy viewing, but it’s one you need to watch.