Almost Paradise season 1, episode 6: Rise of the Kalangay preview

Almost Paradise (WGN America/Courtesy of JGPR)
Almost Paradise (WGN America/Courtesy of JGPR) /

Almost Paradise reveals Kai’s backstory in Rise of the Kalangay. Here’s what to expect from Almost Paradise season 1, episode 6 and how to watch.

Almost Paradise fans who want to know more about Kai Mendoza are in luck, because this week the WGN America series is featuring Samantha Richelle’s character.

“Rise of the Kalangay” has Alex Walker (Christian Kane) feeling left out when a beloved detective returns and usurps his place as everyone’s favorite crime-solver. But when Alex doesn’t trust the newcomer, he’s brushed off as simply being jealous.

In true Alex Walker fashion, our hero doesn’t let that stop him. He follows his gut, both in trying to locate the killer of the week and in trying to uncover the truth about the interloper.

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But things get even thornier when it becomes clear there’s a connection between the current case and Kai’s late mother, who was murdered a decade and a half earlier. That case was never closed, and that’s what motivated Kai to become a police officer.

Almost Paradise has done an exemplary job at spreading the spotlight around in its first season, and “Rise of the Kalangay” is set to continue that tradition. After Ernesto Alamares (Arthur Acuña) was a true hero in the prior episode “Unbecalming” now it’s his partner’s turn to have more screen time and for the audience to learn more about who she is.

What will be particularly interesting is how Alex, and to a lesser extent Ernesto, react to what happens in this episode. Alex knows very little about Kai or her history, and this could change the way he looks at her. It stands to reason that Ernesto, as her partner, should know her better but this is such a personal tragedy that he may not know this story either. It’s time for both of them to rally around her—and maybe for them all to open up a little more to one another.

Here’s how WGN America officially describes the episode:

"Alex, feeling competitive, races to solve a murder before a celebrated detective can find the killer. Things take a turn for the personal when Alex realizes the crime leads back to the murder of Kai’s mother fifteen years before."

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If all that’s got you interested, here’s how you can watch Almost Paradise live, both on TV and online, this week:

Date: Monday, May 4
Start Time: 10:00 p.m.
Episode: “Rise of the Kalangay”
TV Channel: WGN America
Live Stream: You can watch on Amazon Video and the Amazon Video app, or on the Electric Now app on iTunes and Android.

Almost Paradise airs Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.