Cold Case complete series now streaming on Roku

Cold Case is now streaming, with all seven seasons of the Kathryn Morris-led CBS TV crime drama available through Roku and online via The Roku Channel.

Cold Case fans, rejoice—one of the best TV crime dramas of the modern era is now available for streaming!

Roku has picked up the CBS series and is now home to all seven seasons. If you don’t have Roku TV, you can still stream episodes online through The Roku Channel. Fans can now watch Cold Case online legally for the first time.

The best part is that streaming is free, as long as viewers don’t mind sitting through limited ads during the episodes. But that’s a small inconvenience for a show that has never been released on Blu-Ray or DVD, and has had only limited syndication exposure.

Cold Case starred Kathryn Morris (Colony) as Lilly Rush, a relentless detective working on cold cases in Philadelphia. Danny Pino (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) played Lilly’s partner Scotty Valens for all but the first handful of episodes.

The cast also included Tracie Thoms (Truth Be Told) as Detective Kat Miller, Thom Barry (Perception) playing Detective Will Jeffries, Jeremy Ratchford (NCIS) as Detective Nick Vera and John Finn (The Walking Dead) as the team’s boss, Lt. John Stillman.

The series lasted for over 150 episodes and was an anchor of CBS’s primetime lineup for several years, particularly for the way it immersed viewers into the different time periods that its episodes covered.

The show utilized music that was authentic to the time, which is the biggest reason that the series has never been made available on home video; the music rights to clear every single song (usually multiple songs per episode) would be incredibly expensive. But the music, put together with the painstaking attention to detail in each flashback sequence, did an excellent job of transporting the audience back into the past.

When added up with an incredible ensemble cast that was absolutely perfect, Cold Case was a fantastic series and possibly one of the most underrated TV crime dramas in recent memory. The show was never an Emmy Award winner or the most talked-about series critically, but a decade after it ended, it’s still beloved by many fans around the world—and it’s still as good now as it was to watch back then.

If you prefer to watch on TV, reruns of Cold Case are still airing on Start TV. But for those who don’t have that channel, or want to catch episodes on their own time, being able to watch Cold Case online is a game-changer and a way to catch up on an incredible series all over again.