Upload needs a second season to continue the murder mystery

Upload -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Upload -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

On the surface, Upload doesn’t seem like a TV crime drama. However, there’s a murder mystery to solve and we need a second season to continue it.

Caution: There are spoilers for the Upload Season 1 finale in this post.

While it didn’t seem like it at first, Upload has a murder mystery throughout the first season. Nathan’s car accident wasn’t an accident after all, and we spend the first season trying to figure out who could have killed him. With plenty of red herrings along the way, it’s only in the finale that we get a hint of who it could have been.

However, only we get that hint. So far, Nora, who has been trying to work things out, hasn’t figured out who wanted Nathan dead. We now need a second season of Upload to finish off this murder mystery. Not only do we need the definitive answer as to who killed him, but why they wanted him dead. And, of course, we need this person caught.

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The first season ended in one of the most infuriating ways possible. Nora was attacked by the person who had tried to destroy Nathan’s hard drive when in LA. This person had found out where Nora lived and figured out the way into her apartment. And so, she didn’t feel safe at home. She and Bryant left town for protection.

At the same time, Nathan headed to the 2gb floor, where he ran out of data on his first day. Ingrid gave him an extra gig to tell him that she had uploaded with him. Of course, he quickly ran out of data, but he also realized that people close to him were in danger. He had calls to make to protect Nora, which was why he ran out of data so quickly.

What calls had Nathan made? Did he know the guy who had attacked Nora? Maybe he had memories to figure out who could have wanted him dead and why. We will never know without Upload Season 2.

It’s clear that Jamie probably didn’t kill his best friend. Jamie was avoiding Nathan because he’d slept with Ingrid. Instead, Nathan found out that he was willing to sell a copy of the Beyond code to Ingrid’s father to help his mom financially. However, we know that Ingrid’s dad had something to do with Nathan’s car accident.

Upload season 1 – Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 – Courtesy of Amazon Studios /

Ingrid admitted to her father that she’d changed Nathan’s car settings to Protect Occupant. Why would she need to do that and why was her father so mad that she had done that? Clearly, Ingrid either sensed or knew that Nathan’s life was potentially in danger. Maybe that’s why she pushed for him to upload despite surgery being possible. She had a better chance of protecting him in the digital space.

We also can’t forget that Fran and Josh were killed due to their investigation into Nathan’s death and connection to Nathan/the code. Who would have the power to know what they were looking into? Why would someone want them dead? And why does nobody seem to care?

There are so many questions for the murder mystery element of Upload. This has been the most intriguing part of the entire dramedy. We now need a second season to continue it.

Update: Just hours after writing this, Amazon confirmed Upload Season 2 would happen.

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