Almost Paradise season 1, episode 9: A Wedding to Die For preview

Almost Paradise (WGN America/Courtesy of JGPR).
Almost Paradise (WGN America/Courtesy of JGPR). /

Almost Paradise throws a criminal celebration in A Wedding To Die For. Find out what’s next in our Almost Paradise season 1, episode 9 preview.

Almost Paradise features a wedding this week, but don’t start throwing confetti just yet. With a title like “A Wedding to Die For,” this episode of the TV crime drama could be lethal.

Kai Mendoza (Samantha Richelle) once again takes center stage, as she lands an assignment that could finally be her big break within the police department. She’s asked to infiltrate the wedding of a criminal boss, which will of course be teeming with other criminals.

That would be enough pressure for most people. But Kai also has another problem, and it’s named Alex Walker (Christian Kane). As usual, Alex can’t help but want to know what Kai is up to.

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So it’s no spoiler to tell you that he gets involved, and manages to make her case several degrees more difficult. Will Alex accidentally blow Kai’s cover? Will either of them uncover something sinister going on during this special day? Or will the two wedding crashers end up six feet under?

Remember that Alex’s specialty when he worked for the DEA was doing undercover work; fans of the WGN America series have already seen him assume a couple of different roles this season. But this is an undercover mission on a whole other level, because it’s a situation in which he’ll be vastly outnumbered and incredibly scrutinized.

At the same time, Almost Paradise will be sure to give fans plenty of Alex and Kai banter that will inject some levity into the situation. The two almost always get under each other’s skin when they are in the same room together, and he’s already going to be on her bad side by stepping where he isn’t supposed to be. This could be a full-on comedy in places and deadly serious in others.

Plus, since this is the second-to-last episode of the season viewers should keep their eyes open for clues about or a setup for the season finale. This isn’t just another Almost Paradise case; this is the calm before the storm. Or perhaps the storm before the storm. There will at least be a whole lot of sound and fury, whether it’s Alex’s sarcasm or the potential for a full-on triad brawl.

Here’s how WGN America officially describes the episode:

"When Kai is assigned to go undercover at the wedding of a notorious triad boss, Alex’s curiosity entangles him in the operation, which turns ugly after a member of the wedding party is murdered, leaving Kai and Alex to deal with the consequences alone."

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If all that’s got you interested, here’s how you can watch Almost Paradise live, both on TV and online, this week:

Date: Monday, May 25
Start Time: 10:00 p.m.
Episode: “A Wedding to Die For”
TV Channel: WGN America
Live Stream: You can watch on Amazon Video and the Amazon Video app, or via the Electric Now app.

Almost Paradise airs Mondays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.