Snowpiercer: What are the drawers really going to be for?

Snowpiercer Episode 4 - Courtesy of TNT/WarnerMedia
Snowpiercer Episode 4 - Courtesy of TNT/WarnerMedia /

Why are Tailie children in the drawers on Snowpiercer?

Since the start of the Snowpiercer TV series, we’ve been told that the drawers are for prisoners. Many have been placed there, and it’s easy to see why Melanie would choose than “punishment” for Layton to keep him out of the way. But there may be more to the drawers than meets the eye.

When Josie and Till went searching for Layton, they found others that Josie knows. A couple of Tailie children, who had supposedly been picked for the apprenticeships, were in drawers. They’ve done nothing wrong, so what are the drawers actually for?

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It all comes down to Melanie being so clear that the drawers system had to work. She needs people to wake up from their time in the drawers without psychological problems, and it’s clearly not to reintegrate these people with society.

Looking at the fact that two children who have shown promise are in the drawers, it suggests that it could be a way to keep the population on Snowpiercer under some sort of control. The idea is that eventually they’ll be woken up, but right now they need to remain away from the others; they need to be put to sleep so they’re not a drain on resources.

Only those who show immediate promise are allowed to go through the real apprenticeship program. Miles was allowed to integrate into the school, and it looks like the plan to get him into the Engine is slowly working out.

Saving the brightest for the future?

We’re only seven years into Snowpiercer’s journey around the Earth. It’s clear that resources are struggling.

Those who have watched the movie know that after 18 years, resources are at a point of children at the age of five are needed to keep the train running. The Engine may be perpetual but the parts aren’t.

While trying to avoid a drain on the train, the drawers could also be a way to save the brightest for the future. They want to make sure the Tailie children who show promise for the future are protected from any illnesses and diseases, and we know the Tail is full of them. Everyone has to go through sanitation for the Third Class work.

This is why it’s so important to Melanie to make sure everyone wakes up from the drawers without problems. However, we’ve seen that there is psychological damage. There’s also physical damage from the long-term exposure to the drug keeping people asleep. We may see just how much damage can happen in a short space of time now that Layton is out of a drawer, especially being ripped out of the drawer so quickly.

I’m sure we’ll start to find out more about the drawers on Snowpiercer now that Layton is free. After all, he’s going to need to find someone with medical experience who will put their life on the line to save him. Could we see the doctor switch sides?

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What do you think the drawers are for on Snowpiercer? Why are the Tailie children there? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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