Netflix’s The Woods ending explained: What happened to Kamila?

The Woods - Courtesy of Netflix/Krzysztof Wiktor
The Woods - Courtesy of Netflix/Krzysztof Wiktor /

The Woods ended with explanations and theories

Netflix’s The Woods ended very similar to the Harlan Coben novel. That means a lot of answers, but still plenty of theories as some events didn’t have witnesses around. The good news is Pawel got a little closure, especially when it came to Kamila.

Just how did it all end? Who killed Artur and why? What happened in the woods 25 years earlier? Who did the bones belong to? It’s time to delve into the explanation of the ending.

Who killed Artur?

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One of the big questions for the entire season was who killed Artur and why? That was answered in the fifth episode of the season. Laura’s dad, David, killed Artur. We never really get an answer as to why, but David is sure that Kamila is also dead.

With one case closed, there’s another one open. Pawel realizes that the bones of the woman found in the wood are likely linked to him, but not his sisters. They’re his mother’s, which explains why she just left him.

Artur’s mother is the one who helps to fill in some blanks. After explaining what happened in the woods, Artur’s mother explains that Pawel’s mother was coming back for Pawel. She suspects that Pawel’s father killed his mother and buried her in some woods. It makes sense. Pawel finally gets a little closure.

What exactly happened in the woods?

Of course, Pawel still needed to know what happened to his sister. It turns out 25 years ago, Kamila learned her boyfriend Daniel was sleeping with Artur’s interest Monika. Malczak knew and showed them both.

To enact revenge, Kamila, Artur, and Malczak encouraged Monika and Daniel to go to the woods for their own private party. Malczak encouraged them to go skinny dipping, giving Kamila and Artur a chance to steal Monika’s and Daniel’s clothes.

A fight breaks out between Monika and Kamila, with the latter strangling the former. Monika was likely okay, but Malczak slit Monkia’s throat. The three other teenagers run into the woods terrified for their lives. Artur stabs and kills Daniel in a case of mistaken identity. The two become the teens that are found,

Artur and Kamila turn to their mothers for help. Their mothers hide them separately. They’re never supposed to contact each other, but of course, they do. It allows Pawel a chance to find out where Kamila has been all this time—in a nunnery for safety. At least, that’s the assumption since we don’t get to see the woman’s face who Pawel is sure is his sister.

In the end, we’re told Malczak is arrested for the murders of Monika and Daniel. Justice is finally being served.

The Woods
The Woods – Courtesy of Netflix/Krzysztof Wiktor /

Pawel tells the truth about the money

Throughout The Woods, Pawel had a case he was trying to win. It was a rape case, and of course, one of the boys involved was the son of a journalist. Rather than seek justice, this journalist was willing to dig up anything in Pawel’s past to blackmail him.

That turns into Pawel’s sister-in-law being accused of stealing money from a charity foundation. Pawel hands in his resignation for his job but also hands over all the paperwork to help win the case. The journalist’s son isn’t getting off, but Pawel does admit to being the one who stole the money. He tells the press that he’s called that he will pay it back but that his sister-in-law had nothing to do with it.

It will hopefully mean good news for his sister-in-law and her husband. However, we don’t get to know what it means for Pawel. After all, the last we see is him getting answers about his mother and going off to find his sister. Will he serve time for his actions?

There likely isn’t going to be a second season. After all, there’s enough of an ending. We pretty much have the answers to the questions we needed from the beginning of The Woods.

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What did you think of the ending to The Woods? Who do you think Pawel saw at the end? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Woods is available to stream on Netflix.