Bad Mothers episode 7: Can Anton rely on Sarah after that kiss?

Bad Mothers cast includes Tess Haubrich (far right). Courtesy of SundanceNow.
Bad Mothers cast includes Tess Haubrich (far right). Courtesy of SundanceNow. /

Bad Mothers episode 7 saw Sarah caught between Anton and Kyle, so what’s next?

Things are looking grim for Anton after the latest episode of Bad Mothers. The Sundance Now TV crime drama has just one more episode to go, and the one person he could rely on might just have stuck the knife in his back.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains discussion about the latest episode of Bad Mothers. The episode is now available for streaming on Sundance Now.

When Anton (Daniel MacPherson) finally made bail and got himself released from custody, all he wanted was some semblance of a normal family life. Episode 7 saw him making breakfast in bed for his wife and spending time with their kids.

But it also showed that Sarah (Tess Haubrich) has grown pretty cold toward him after doubting his innocence at the end of Episode 5. She looked less than thrilled to have him home, with the moments between them awkward at best.

And in a painful bit of role reversal, she had cheated on Anton by kissing Kyle (Don Hany, who also happens to be the partner of MacPherson’s Strike Back co-star Alin Sumarwata).

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Savvy TV crime drama fans could see this coming: Kyle was furious at Anton being released from jail—still believing that he was the killer—and Sarah’s unwillingness to leave her husband and pursue whatever was building between them. Meanwhile, Anton was picking up on both Sarah’s ambivalence and Kyle’s feelings toward his wife, and he snapped again.

When Anton tracked Sarah to Kyle’s house and saw the two of them together, he lost his composure and slugged Kyle, prompting the police to immediately arrive and re-arrest him for violating the terms of his bail. No matter, though, because Anton had already declared he’d rather be locked up than see Sarah with Kyle.

And that complete mess is where Bad Mothers is leaving everyone going into its season finale.

It’s not hard to see how Bad Mothers has flipped the script. Anton started the series by cheating on Sarah with Charlotte (Melissa George), and now Sarah has cheated on Anton with Charlotte’s husband. Sarah didn’t trust Anton; now Anton has no reason to trust Sarah, especially since she just told him she’s no longer unequivocally in his corner—she’s only going to support him through the murder trial.

So where exactly does this marriage stand? The crux of the show was that Sarah was loyal to her husband and determined to prove his innocence. Now she’s been unfaithful, doesn’t seem to really believe him (despite saying she did earlier in the episode), and is saying she might walk out as soon as all this is over. Sarah’s a great character, but Bad Mothers made her particularly hard to watch in Episode 7—going in the complete opposite direction of everything that made her so easy to root for in the first place.

She needs to figure out what she wants and commit. Anton, for his part, needs to take Sarah off the pedestal he’s always had her on and see reality (the same way she had to with him). If she’s no longer sure of him, if she’s not going to help him, then he needs to move on too. He’s fighting for his freedom and his entire life; he can’t place that on something that isn’t 100 percent certain.

Hopefully the Bad Mothers finale will see both of them sorting themselves out and able to piece their lives back together again. But with Sarah throwing Anton’s affair in his face again, and being tempted by Kyle, it doesn’t look likely. Even if Anton is innocent, he may not have a home to come back to anymore. And if you’re fighting for nothing, is it worth the fight?

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