Bulletproof: Can Pike’s marriage survive his undercover work?

Bulletproof -- "Episode 3" -- Image Number: BLP203_0001.jpg -- Pictured: Ashley Walters as Ronnie Pike -- Photo: © Sky UK Limited
Bulletproof -- "Episode 3" -- Image Number: BLP203_0001.jpg -- Pictured: Ashley Walters as Ronnie Pike -- Photo: © Sky UK Limited /

Pike’s marriage is on the rocks on Bulletproof Season 2

If there’s one thing that’s a problem for Pike on Bulletproof Season 2, it’s balancing work and relationships. His marriage is struggling because of his undercover work. Is it doomed to fail?

Arjana understandably hates Pike’s job. Police work is dangerous business normally, but Pike routinely puts himself in far more dangerous situations because of his undercover work.

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On top of that, he has to leave his family for long stretches of time. Anyone who has seen their partners leave for work for long stretches of time will understand what life as a single mom is like, but this is slightly different. Pike can’t contact his family to keep them safe when he’s working undercover. It genuinely feels for Arjana that she’s on her own in this.

Yet, she can’t just ask him to give up his job. Well, she could, but is that fair? This is a job he loves and he’s good at. If he gives that up, would he resent Arjana for the rest of his life? That’s not something she’d want, as it would lead to a breakdown of their marriage, anyway.

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Is something happening with Scooch?

Did anyone else get vibes happening between Scooch and Pike on Bulletproof Season 2, Episode 2? I want to say that they’re not there, but there certainly seemed to be something. Is this hinting at Pike possibly having an affair?

I don’t want to see that happen. Pike is down-to-earth, loyal, and kind. I couldn’t see him having an affair and breaking up his whole relationship. While Scooch will understand why Pike loves his job and wants to keep doing it more than Arjana can, Arjana loves him for who he is outside of work.

The only reason their marriage is on the rocks is her fear for him when he’s on the job. That’s a common concern for partners of those in the police force or the military. If it wasn’t, I’d worry about the Arjana’s feelings for her husband. This sticky situation here isn’t enough of a reason for Pike to give up his morals and have an affair. I don’t buy it.

Arjana can’t suffer in silence, though. Pike needs to be willing to listen to Arjana’s fears and find ways to make his job as safe as possible. Of course, with undercover work, that’s not exactly going to be easy! But if they split up for that, I can accept it more than Pike having an affair—but I would like to see a show where marriages can work out.

I think the biggest problem is going to be with the Markides family. At the end of Episode 2, Pike and Bishop realized that Mikey organized the death of his own man. He’s the bad guy in the middle of bad guys and it’s clear that nobody is safe. Pike and Bishop will need to watch their backs.

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What do you think about Pike and Arjana’s marriage? Can it survive on the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bulletproof airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.