Marcella Season 3 ending explained: How did the undercover mission end?

Marcella Season 1 -- Courtesy of ITV/Netflix
Marcella Season 1 -- Courtesy of ITV/Netflix /

Breaking down the Marcella Season 3 finale

Throughout Marcella Season 3, our brilliant detective went undercover as Keira. She was to infiltrate the Maguire family, a powerful crime family in Belfast, Northern Ireland. What could possibly go wrong?

It should have been a somewhat easy way to blend in. After all, she’d faked her death and it looked like she could fully become Keira. Of course, cracks started to form, and it turned out during the season that Marcella was stalking herself but didn’t remember.

But what about the ending? Did she get caught and did she make it out of the Maguire mess alive?

What happened to Matthew?

The season finale opened to Marcella waking in her car with her blonde hair back to her natural brown. The back of the car held a body, and when Marcella checked, it was Matthew.

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Matthew, the man Marcella had known as a teen, had been killed by Jack. Jack still had to get rid of the body, so, thinking she may have killed him herself, Marcella decided to take care of the cleanup. She then called in the body to give Ravi the chance to get it.

Of course, Finn wasn’t happy about that. He sent Jack out to retrieve the body, but Jack was too late. This was when things really started to unravel.

Finn wanted complete control of the family business. He’d already got his mom to give him power of attorney (well, he literally signed things with her own hand) and he wanted Stacey to sign her part of the business to him. Stacey wasn’t willing to do that, so Finn locked her and the baby away.

Marcella wasn’t having that. She offered Stacey a chance to run free, making it clear that she’s an undercover cop. Their plan could have worked out, but there was the problem of Rory.

Learning the truth about Keira

Jack decided to do some digging into Ravi, which took him to Ravi’s hotel room. Finding all of the photos of our undercover detective and her family, Jack took it all back to the Maguire family. Finn didn’t seem to want to do the “right thing,” as Jack put it. After all, Finn had fallen for Keira. So, Jack took it all to Rory.

Jack wouldn’t be a problem for long, though. Frank had appeared on the Maguire estate after driving himself crazy with grief. It looked like he was going to kill Marcella but was stopped by Jack. A fight broke out, with Frank stabbing Jack and Jack shooting Frank. Both ended up dead.

Rory did some digging on his computer while Finn confronted Keira outside. Just as it looked like Finn was going to shoot Keira, he decided against it and allowed her to walk free. She went back to Stacy to get her out of the locked room and to freedom.

We ended up with a standoff with Marcella and the two Maguire brothers. Stacey had been able to get to the car, but instead of staying there, she returned to shoot one of her brothers to protect Marcella. It led to a gunfight that saw Rory and Stacey killed. Finn chased Marcella.

That was when Ravi showed up, who Marcella had called to say where she’s hidden all the evidence in her room at the Maguire home. Finn shot Ravi and Marcella shot Finn.

Our detective goes back on the run

With the siblings all dead, Marcella took baby Katie up to Katherine Maguire upstairs. You’ll remember from the previous episode that Katherine had suffered a stroke and was now unable to move or speak. It gave our detective the chance to show what she was doing, taking all the family money for Katie.

The money in hand, the detective and baby left the house. We end the season with Marcella getting on a private jet with baby Katie, ready to start a new life elsewhere. But under what name? Someone on the phone at the airport is calling her by Marcella, making it clear more people know she’s alive, but the waitress at the airport called her Miss Hart.

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