Why Netflix’s The Woods doesn’t need a second season

The Woods - Courtesy of Netflix/Krzysztof Wiktor
The Woods - Courtesy of Netflix/Krzysztof Wiktor /

The questions at the end of The Woods don’t need to be answered

There were a few questions at the end of Netflix’s The Woods. This often leads to people needing another season to wrap up storylines, but that’s not really the case for this series.

Based on the Harlan Coben novel, the series took us through two timelines. We saw the events that played out 25 years earlier and the story of the present day. For Pawel, the big question had been about his sister. What had happened to her when she went missing all those years ago?

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In the end, we got the answers we needed. We learned about the events of 25 years earlier, we learned what had happened to Pawel’s mother, and we also learned who killed Artur. Other storylines were quickly wrapped up in the end with short explanations, including Pawel taking the blame for the stolen money to make sure his sister-in-law was freed.

What about the final question?

The reason some want a second season of The Woods is because of the question at the end. We saw Pawel drive to a nunnery, a place he learned his sister likely was. He walked past many nuns, not really giving them a second glance. There was one who had his back to him and we heard him say the name Kamila.

While the nun was starting to turn around, we never saw her face. It left the show with all sorts of questions.

  • Was that Kamila?
  • If not, who was she?
  • If not, where is Kamila?
  • Will Pawel get all the answers he ever needs?

But in the end, there’s no real need for the answers. We can imagine that the nun was Kamila. Pawel was able to reunite with his sister and finally get some answers he’d always wanted. He can get to hear the story from her view and find out what she’d been doing all this time.

Arguably, there’s no need for us to know that. It could end up diluting the story. The Woods was thrilling and complicated enough. Do we really need a second season?

Nor do we need to know about Laura. She clearly went back to her husband, choosing him instead of the boy she once knew.

There isn’t a sequel to the story from Coben. Sometimes, a show works the best as a limited series, and I think this is one of those cases.

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What did you think of The Woods? Do you still have questions that you need answers to? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Woods is streaming on Netflix.