NCIS Season 5 MVP: Abby Sciuto’s willingness to sacrifice

Abby’s love for justice stands out on NCIS Season 5

We’re onto the MVP for NCIS Season 5. While this was the season that saw Tony DiNozzo’s cover blown and him putting his life on the line, it’s also the season that saw just how much heart Abby Sciuto has.

This is also the season that saw the death of Jenny Shepard. She died at the hands of an assassin that Tony and Ziva couldn’t stop. While she was a great character and it was a bittersweet ending for her, it’s Abby who still holds the win.

Our forensic scientist is the one that claims the prize for Season 5. And while I love Kasie, the show just isn’t the same without Abby.

Always there with the answers

From the very beginning of NCIS, Abby has been the one there with the answers. She works best in the lab, but she’s not afraid to get into the garage and do things there.

This is a woman with an attention to detail. She sees things that nobody else does and is a whiz in so many ways that it’s hard not to love her.

Just when you think the team is running into a dead (pun not intended) end, she is the one that comes in with a save. She has answers that nobody else can gain, a spotted clue that nobody else has seen. She is often the one that helps to close the case.

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The love of animals

Of course, we’re used to this side of Abby. This is the character we’d come to know and love for four seasons up to this point. Shouldn’t this have made her the MVP in previous years?

Well, yes, if this was the only reason, she’d be MVP every single season of NCIS. But it’s not just about her abilities.

It’s about her willingness to put her job on the line. She was willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of justice and the truth.

It all comes down to NCIS Season 5, Episode 13, the second after the long hiatus due to the writer’s strike. (This was the season with only 19 episodes because of the writer’s strike, by the way). When a suspect is dead and McGee is injured by the victim’s dog, the dog is taken into custody. There’s a strong chance that the dog is the one guilty of murder.

However, Abby doesn’t believe that’s possible. It may not be a human life, but this was an innocent life that couldn’t speak to put up an argument. Abby had to do everything she could to be the dog’s advocate, and it almost caused the loss of her job.

This episode gave us that extra reminder that Abby is a kind soul. She may be a Goth but that doesn’t stop her from having empathy, and she is the most empathetic person on the team, making her the heart. It’s no wonder things don’t feel quite right without her.

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