Snowpiercer: Did Melanie really just kill [Spoiler]?

Snowpiercer Season 1 -- ph: Justina Mintz/TNT
Snowpiercer Season 1 -- ph: Justina Mintz/TNT /

Is there a chance [Spoiler] could return on Snowpiercer?

Melanie took things way too far on Snowpiercer Season 1, Episode 7. Needing to find out Layton’s whereabouts, she took matters into her own hands and it’s ended up with death.

Caution: There are major spoilers for Snowpiercer Season 1, Episode 7 in this post.

Zarah is definitely not the most likable person on this show. She’s only out for herself. Okay, so she’s also out to protect her baby that nobody knows about yet, but that doesn’t make her likable right now. It’s her fault that Josie was even taken into Melanie’s office in the first place!

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And yes, Josie is the Tailie who ends up in Melanie’s office, but she wasn’t planning on giving up any information about Layton. No matter how many fingers Melanie froze, it was clear that Josie wasn’t willing to talk. The revolution is just too much for that.

However, it doesn’t look like Melanie wanted to kill her prisoner. After all, we learned that the drawers are likely for a new wave of the human race. Should Snowpiercer fail, those in the drawers can help to keep life going and Josie was a person Melanie wanted to keep, likely due to her job as a veterinarian. Things just didn’t work out that way.

Melanie killed to save her own life

In the end, Melanie didn’t have much choice in her actions. Josie had arranged for Till to freeze her whole hand, allowing Josie out of the cuffs to attack Melanie. With the ice spraying around the room, Melanie had to fight back and run, locking Josie in the office to protect herself. That led to Josie’s (what would have been an agonizing) death.

There’s no way Josie could have saved that. In fact, Till knows that Josie is dead. She was the one to break the news to Layton, sending him over the edge. There’s no way that Till would have told him that Josie was dead without knowing it was true.

And Till feels this too. While she doesn’t have the same bond or relationship with Josie as Layton does, Josie didn’t deserve her death. Till knows that. And Till knows that Melanie is crossing way too many lines now. It wouldn’t be surprising if Till chose to join Layton in the upcoming revolution on the train, despite it possibly putting her life in Second at high risk.

One thing is for certain, Melanie is in trouble. Because of her actions, Layton has told LJ the Wilford secret. It’s no longer a commodity that Layton is keeping to himself, and that’s not going to stay secret for too long. The entire class system is about to be broken.

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