Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix: Everything you need to know

Unsolved Mysteries key art. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.)
Unsolved Mysteries key art. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Netflix.) /

The Unsolved Mysteries reboot is now streaming on Netflix.

Unsolved Mysteries, one of TV’s classic true crime shows, has come back for the fifth time on Netflix. Starting today, viewers can stream the first six of 12 all-new episodes in the venerable (and creepy) series.

But Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries reboot isn’t the series that fans remember. Some aspects are the same, and other aspects are different in this updated version from Shawn Levy (Stranger Things).

Most notably Netflix has moved away from the hosted, direct-to-camera approach that helped make the original so engrossing, and turned the show into more of a traditional true crime docu-series. There is no host or even narrator involved—then again, who could ever match the iconic Robert Stack, who hosted the series from 1987 to 2002?

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(Worth noting: FilmRise is hosting a marathon of the first three Stack-era Unsolved Mysteries series from today through July 4 on the FilmRise app, Roku, RedBox.com and XUMO, as well as the FilmRise True Crime Channel for VIZIO and Samsung users.)

Without a host, viewers can expect to see more participation from the actual people connected to each case. “We also wanted the actual participants in the stories, the family members and law enforcement, to be more involved in telling the stories,” original co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer told TVLine.

Both Meurer and co-creator John Cosgrove are involved with the new version.

The Netflix edition will also follow another true crime staple: each episode is about one specific case, rather than having multiple segments as the original series did.

However, as you’d expect from a show produced by someone involved with Stranger Things, the reboot is keeping the supernatural angle that was also part of Unsolved Mysteries. Netflix will be focusing on the same variety of topics as before—be it unsolved crimes, missing persons cases, or accounts of unexplained phenomena.

One of the early episodes centers on a possible UFO. Another, however, details a family slaying in France, and a third is a potential hate crime.

Unsolved Mysteries is known for frightening a whole generation of people (especially with its theme song, which is still intact), and the producers are still trying to keep people up at night with the reboot. So expect graphic content and other bits that could bother the squeamish or younger audiences.

“We’ve learned that audiences like to be scared,” Meurer and Cosgrove said in a statement in Netflix’s press release, “and real stories scare people.”

Watch the Netflix Unsolved Mysteries trailer below and then head on over to the streaming service to check out the first half-dozen episodes.

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All episodes of Unsolved Mysteries season 1 are now available on Netflix.