Snowpiercer Season 1 finale ending explained: Can it connect to the movie?

Snowpiercer Season 1, Episode 10 "994 Cars Long" - Courtesy of Justina Mintz / TNT
Snowpiercer Season 1, Episode 10 "994 Cars Long" - Courtesy of Justina Mintz / TNT /

Is there a chance the Snowpiercer TV show could connect to the movie?

There’s been a lot going on throughout Snowpiercer Season 1. It all started with a murder mystery and it’s ended with a huge reveal about Mr. Wilford.

Is it possible for the TV show and the movie to connect? What does the ending of the season mean for Season 2? Here’s a breakdown of the events with our speculations.

Of course, there are spoilers from the Snowpiercer Season 1 finale in this post.

Problems with the rebellion

As suspected, the rebellion leaders didn’t quite think of what would happen afterward. Layton and many others from the Tail would like a socialist society, but that just can’t work. Not when others aren’t on board. Even some from the Tail just want the benefits of First and are willing to fight to keep First for themselves.

It’s clear that there’s an immediate problem with this rebellion. That battle was just the first in a bigger war to come on the train.

Now if only that was the biggest problem going.

Mr. Wilford isn’t dead after all!

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The big reveal came with the news that there was another train. There were other survivors out there.

This train was a supply train, and Melanie knew what that meant. Mr. Wilford had managed to survive. He’d got to the train and was now getting his revenge. It’s just taken seven years to finally catch up, and part of that would have been possible due to losing methane with the loss of the cows and the need to slow down to uncouple some of the cars.

Melanie needed to prevent Wilford from coupling onto the back of the train and draining all the power. She’s outside in the cold dealing with the technology for that, while Layton is at the Tail with Ruth, waiting for Mr. Wilford to appear.

However, Mr. Wilford isn’t there. Instead, a young girl is there looking for Melanie Cavill. This young girl is the daughter Melanie thought she’d left behind.

The train has come to a complete stop

Snowpiercer has to keep moving. The power from the engine is what keeps everything running on the train. However, Wilford has joined to the back of the train and the whole thing has come to a complete stop.

What does that mean? They’ve got about 10 minutes to get the train moving again. Otherwise, everyone is going to freeze. I don’t think anyone else has realized this issue just yet, though.

Of course, Wilford could help get the train moving again and he could take over the whole thing. This would likely put the classist system back in place, and we know how the Tailies and Third will feel about that.

It doesn’t help that Ruth isn’t happy with Melanie and Layton’s actions that led to seven cars being removed. Those cars included people she liked. She could certainly cause problems by teaming up with Wilford.

Can the TV show catch up to the movie?

Up to around Episode 8, there was still a chance that the Snowpiercer TV series could catch up to the movie. While Mr. Wilford wasn’t there, he could have been in a drawer. Episode 8 confirmed he wasn’t, and it looked like there was no way the movie and show could connect.

The finale has reset a few things. There is now a chance that the show could connect with the movie down the line.

Wait, how? Wouldn’t the people on the train remember Melanie? Wouldn’t they remember Wilford being left out in the cold and connecting to the main train? Plus, we haven’t had the cannibal storyline that we got in the movie, so how could it work?

The Tailies on the main train are no longer the Tailies. There’s a Tail at the back of this supply train. That is assuming there are people on board the second train. There may have even been stowaways on the supply train.

This is unlikely, though. When the series first started, we were told that the series and movie wouldn’t connect. It’s looking like that’s going to remain the case unless there are some serious changes.

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