What is the hospital’s secret on The Alienist: Angel of Darkness?

Angel Of Darkness ph: Kata Vermes/TNT
Angel Of Darkness ph: Kata Vermes/TNT /

The hospital has something to do with the kidnapping on The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

Dr. Kreizler, John Moore, and Sara Howard are back as the formidable team. This time it’s to work out who took the baby of the Spanish Consular, but it’s clear there’s far more to it on The Alienist: Angel of Darkness.

The premiere starts with the execution of a woman, who has been found guilty of the murder of her own baby. However, many are quick to point out that there isn’t even a body. And the woman definitely isn’t guilty. We open with her in a hospital claiming that she knows what this hospital is doing.

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Sure enough, by the end of the two-hour premiere, we learn that the hospital is somewhat linked to the new case that has evolved. We have a missing Spanish Consular baby, the baby of the executed woman turns up dead (and horrifically staged), and one of the poisons used is linked to a maternity ward.

So, what exactly does this hospital have to do with the case? And why exactly is the Spanish infant being kept in a cot with a guard over the top?

Experimenting on the infants?

The executed woman was quick to share that she knew what the hospital was doing at the start of The Alienist: Angel of Darkness. This hospital is a place for women who shouldn’t have had children (in the eyes of the doctor and the matron), women who “should have kept their legs closed.” Of course, it’s the turn of the 20th century. Men blame women for everything they can, especially when it comes to illegitimate pregnancies.

However, while this hospital looks like it’s offering a service, it’s clear that there’s more to it. The doctor who runs the hospital is clearly taking live children for some sort of sinister reason. He tells the matron and the nurse to tell a woman giving birth at the end that her baby had died. Well, we know from the scene that the baby was most definitely born alive.

It would suggest that these infants are being used for experiments. The infant of the executed woman was found with evidence of poisons. However, there was also evidence that whoever poisoned the baby regretted that action and used an antidote. Then the baby was suffocated. Why would someone go through all that if it wasn’t for experimentation?

Taking babies from prostitutes, women who aren’t married, or women who have had affairs with wealthy men would make sense for the time. There would be little way to trace everything. And the women in those days could just be claimed insane and thrown into an institution. It’s one of the things that Sara brings up at the start of the episode. Women who are grieving are claimed to be hysterical and need psychiatric help, but really, their actions and their feelings are perfectly normal!

So, my theory right now is that the doctor, who clearly has something against Dr. Kreizler, is experimenting on these babies. He has no remorse for the deceased infant, doesn’t care that an innocent woman was executed, and is clearly operating in secret to steal these children. The question is whether Baby Ana will be saved.

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