The Secrets She Keeps Episode 2 sees Agatha’s secret almost revealed

The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of Sundance Now
The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of Sundance Now /

Can Agatha keep her secrets on The Secrets She Keeps Episode 2?

We’re only two episodes in The Secrets She Keeps and already some of the secrets are almost exposed. In fact, Meghan’s secrets are exposed by herself. Can Agatha keep a lid on hers?

Multiple things happened in this episode. The biggest for Meghan was revealing to her sister that Simon might actually be the father of the baby. She had an affair.

She’s not the only one having an affair, though. It turns out her husband is having an affair with the realtor. Agatha was not impressed when she noticed that! I would have loved to see the face of the realtor when she saw the dog poop on her car.

However, it’s Agatha’s big secret that threatens to come out. There were a couple of close calls during The Secrets She Keeps Episode 2.

A trip to the hospital

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We started the episode with Agatha looking down from the top of a set of cliffs. A dog walker found her and called for help, leading to a confused Agatha being led to the hospital.

Agatha was focused enough not to give her name, but it nearly got to the point where doctors and nurses would have seen her bump. She quickly found a way to escape the hospital without secrets being shared.

This is going to be dangerous for her now. People will remember the potentially suicidal pregnant woman. When it comes to her plan of stealing Meghan’s baby, could it be possible that she’s thought about? Granted, nobody has her name, which does make it a little easier for her to slip through the cracks.

Doing the video with the newborn

The second incident came when Agatha decided to do a video with the newborn. She’s getting ready for having her “own” baby in her arms, but this video gives her something to post online on the day of the birth or maybe the day after. She also has the photos to share that she sent herself.

While doing the video, baby Violet’s mom woke up from her nap. Agatha just changed back into her own clothes (she was wearing PJs for the video) in time.

Agatha’s friend looked concerned, but not overly. After all, the “Violet cried so I picked her up so she didn’t disturb you” is a valid reason.

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Caught out in the rain

So far, Agatha has been able to hide the fact that her baby bump is fake. She’s able to wear baggy clothes to avoid the view of the gap between her stomach and the bump. That nearly didn’t happen on The Secrets She Keeps Episode 2.

While caught out in the rain, Agatha ended up with her yoga top clinging to her in awkward places. It was possible to see the top dip into the gap between bump and stomach.

Fortunately for Agatha, Meghan had a top that she could borrow (well, keep, actually) that wouldn’t cling. It got Agatha away with her lies again.

Hayden’s mom has ‘good’ news

At the end of the episode, Agatha gets some surprising news that could rock everything. Hayden is getting to come home for the birth. Mixed with knowing that Meghan’s c-section has been moved up a week, Agatha is shocked by all the news.

Fortunately for her, she’s able to push it off as a mixture of shock and joy. However, it means she needs to change everything.

She heads back to her former home, where she has memories of her brother’s death. Nobody knows about Agatha’s past, which means there’s a chance she can carry out her plan in secrecy and not have to worry about Hayden being there for the “birth.” Instead, she can surprise him with an “early arrival.”

This can’t continue, though, can it? Agatha is already starting to unravel in places. Will she completely unravel and put Meghan’s baby in danger?

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The Secrets She Keeps airs on Thursdays on Sundance Now.