Bulletproof: Will Pike choose his family in the Season 2 finale?

Bulletproof -- "Episode 7" -- Image Number: BLP207_0001.jpg -- Pictured: Ashley Walters as Ronnie Pike -- Photo: © Sky UK Limited
Bulletproof -- "Episode 7" -- Image Number: BLP207_0001.jpg -- Pictured: Ashley Walters as Ronnie Pike -- Photo: © Sky UK Limited /

We have just one episode left of Bulletproof Season 2, and Pike’s marriage is on the rocks

Bulletproof Season 2, Episode 7 gave us an episode that involved Pike’s family. We watch the entire Unit come to his aid when his daughter Ali was in trouble. But the episode left us on a bad note.

Pike’s marriage is on the line. This has been the case from the start of the season. His wife is fed up with the dangerous undercover work. She wants her husband at home.

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I can’t blame her, especially not after the recent death of one of the members of Unit. At the same time, this is Pike’s job. He’s saving people through his dangerous work, and the most recent episode saw him protect his daughter and another young kid from a gang war.

Yet, there’s something else at play. Pike and Scooch clearly have some feelings for each other. So now, Pike is left alone to think about what he really wants.

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Can he please choose family?

So many people would rather run from difficult situations. However, I want to believe that Pike is a better guy than that. He’s had some great times with his wife. This is just a rough patch that they need to get over.

While he can’t completely give up his work, he can take some steps back. He didn’t need to be the one that went undercover with Bishop. Someone else could have taken on that role. However, Pike did it because part of him wants that action.

But with everything that’s happened and seeing his own daughter in trouble, will this be a turning point? It should be. He should want to. I’d fully respect his decision if he put family first in this case.

Maybe, though, he thinks that putting family first would mean pulling away from them. Maybe he worries that his own job will put them in harm’s way, or he will do something that he regrets. However, we’ve seen how children can react to fathers walking away from their families. I’d like to see Bulletproof take a more positive step to show that he can be a family man and a cop at the same time.

There is clearly the option for him to work on his marriage and choose his family. Now he needs to do the right thing.

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What do you hope Pike does on the Bulletproof Season 2 finale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bulletproof Season 2’s finale airs on July 29 at 9/8c on The CW.