All the TV crime dramas coming to BritBox in August 2020

Wild Bill Season 1 -- Courtesy of BritBox
Wild Bill Season 1 -- Courtesy of BritBox /

Which TV crime dramas are coming to BritBox next month?

We’re at that point in the month where we’re looking ahead at new releases. BritBox is one of the popular options when it comes to great TV crime dramas, but what’s coming throughout August 2020?

There aren’t too many options this month. One of them is a weekly release, so it will feel like there’s more available than there really is. However, most of the releases are toward the end of the month.

Here are the TV crime dramas on BritBox to look forward to next month.

Wild Bill Season 1

We start the month well, with the release of Wild Bill Season 1. The episodes are released weekly on Tuesdays, so you’ll have something to watch throughout the month.

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Wild Bill stars 9-1-1: Lone Star’s Rob Lowe as a U.S. cop who moves to the UK after he loses his job in the States. He joins the East Lincolnshire Police Force, where he shakes up the team but also finds his whole life is changed in the process.

It’s a fun police procedural to check out with the premiere airing on Aug. 4.

Murder, Mystery and My Family

Toward the end of the month, there’s a chance to watch more episodes of Murder, Mystery and My Family. The third season and the Case Closed special both drop on the same day, Aug. 21.

Barristers Jeremy and Sasha spend the time re-investigating historical murder cases. It’s a thrilling true crime series that follows the emotional journey of present-day descendants trying to clear the names of their relatives who had been executed for murder.

In Case Closed, the due revisit some of the cases to see what new developments have happened since their re-investigations.

Season 3 has 10 episodes, while Case Closed has five episodes. All drop on Aug. 21.

Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple — Courtesy of BritBox
Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple — Courtesy of BritBox /

Agatha Christie’s Marple Seasons 1 to 5

If you loved Agatha Christie’s Marple, you’ll be extremely happy to hear that all five seasons are coming to BritBox in August 2020. It’s one of the greatest TV crime dramas ever, focusing on procedural storylines without the blood, guts, and gore.

Geraldine McEwan plays the amateur detective in the first three seasons. Julia McKenzie took on the role in the final two seasons. There are some standout guest stars, including Benedict Cumberbatch.

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What are you watching in August? Which TV crime dramas are a must? Share your top picks in the comments below.

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