All the TV crime dramas coming to Sundance Now in August 2020

The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of John Platt/Sundance Now
The Secrets She Keeps -- Courtesy of John Platt/Sundance Now /

Sundance Now has a good selection of TV crime dramas throughout August

We’re getting into a new month, which means you’re looking for more TV crime dramas to watch. Sundance Now has you covered with plenty to watch throughout the month.

The Secrets She Keeps and The Bureau both continue throughout the month, with finales airing later in the month. There is the last season of a popular British TV series that we’ve been waiting for and a new show starting toward the end of the month.

Here are all the TV crime dramas on Sundance Now throughout August 2020.

The Secrets She Keeps

The Australian drama continues. In the third episode, Agatha’s plan worked out and now she’s created her perfect little family. However, when an old flame of Agatha’s shows up, he threatens to destroy everything for her.

Of course, Meghan is besides herself looking for her child. Will Meghan get her boy back? Episodes air weekly, with the finale airing on Aug. 20.

The Bureau

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Like The Secrets She Keeps, the French drama The Bureau continues throughout the month. It all starts with Karlov slowly uncovering a vice that’s tightening around him, but that paper trail has been clearly orchestrated by Pavel Lebedev and The Bureau.

This is another show that comes to an end on Aug. 20. A strange Uzbek tourist may be the key to uncovering everything.

The Fall Season 3

You’ve watched the first two seasons over the last two months, and now it’s time for one of the best TV crime dramas to wrap. Stella Gibson has Paul Spector in custody, and now he will face justice for his crimes. However, Spector’s family will need to deal with the consequences of his actions and eventual arrest.

This is the last season that sees the cat and mouse game between the two. However, there’s always hope we’ll see Gillian Anderson back in the role of Stella Gibson in the future.

You can watch The Fall Season 3 from Aug. 13.

The Suspect

If you prefer true-crime, Sundance Now certainly has you covered. The Suspect premieres during the month with weekly releases.

The series follows the case of Richard Oland being beaten with 45 blows to his head, neck, and hands in 2011. Police quickly gained one suspect: Richard’s son, Dennis. However, with police misconduct and the media frenzy, this quickly became one of Canada’s biggest injustices.

The show follows the case, with exclusive access to the reports and interviews. It’s certainly worth the watch beginning on Aug. 18.

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Which TV crime dramas are you looking forward to? Share your top Sundance Now picks in the comments below.

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