TV crime dramas on sale on Amazon Video: August 5-11, 2020

Adrian Dunbar as Jim Hogan in Blood S2. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Acorn TV.
Adrian Dunbar as Jim Hogan in Blood S2. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Acorn TV. /

TV crime dramas on sale through Amazon Video this week.

Need new TV crime dramas to watch? Or just want to pad out your collection? Precinct TV has your guide to the best TV crime drama deals available on Amazon Video this week. Grab these great series at equally great prices!

Blood series 1 ($6.99)

If you still haven’t seen Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar in Blood, now is your chance to catch up with this engrossing Irish thriller. Dunbar is excellent as Jim Hogan, who is crushed when his wife suddenly dies in their small town. But Jim’s daughter Cat is convinced that the death was murder, and that he’s the killer.

One-part murder mystery and one-part family drama, the series not only reveals the truth about Mary Hogan’s death, but digs up plenty of long-held issues between family members. It’s a story about family trauma, relationships between parents and children, and the different ways that the characters deal with terrible things.

Once you’ve finished series 1, don’t forget to check out our interview with Adrian Dunbar as the show is already on to its second series.

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Death in Paradise series 7 ($9.99)

Fans who like their TV crime drama to be a bit lighter can dive into some classic hours of Death in Paradise, the whimsical series that investigates murders on the tropical island of Saint Marie. It’s similar in tone to Monk.

Series 7 is the first full season for Ardal O’Hanlon as Detective Inspector Jack Mooney. If you only remember O’Hanlon from his broader comedic turns in Father Ted and My Hero, you’ll be surprised by his performance here. Jack and his team must solve murders that take place on a wedding day, at a poker tournament, and at a meditation retreat. Death in Paradise doesn’t have the most complex mysteries, but its quirky cast of characters will draw you in for a lot of fun.

Silent Witness series 21 ($9.99)

One of the UK’s longest-running TV crime dramas is on sale this week. Silent Witness series 21 aired in spring 2018, with Emilia Fox (Coupling) continuing in her role as pathologist and crime-solver Dr. Nikki Alexander. The ten episodes consist of five two-part mysteries that, like a more grim CSI, combine forensics and in-the-field investigation.

A major perk of Silent Witness is its high-profile guest stars that work alongside the seasoned main cast. This group of episodes includes appearances by Julian Rhind-Tutt (Keen Eddie) and Emma Fielding. Be warned, though; this series is often dark and violent, even by UK standards, so it’s not for the faint of heart.

Luther series 3 ($4.99)

The biggest steal of this week is Luther series 3, which originally aired back in 2013 but still holds up as an excellent piece of crime drama. There are only four episodes that make up two different cases, but Idris Elba is always worth watching in the title role of the cynical and world-weary Detective Chief inspector John Luther.

Warren Brown (Strike Back, Doctor Who) returns for his final season as Luther’s partner Detective Sergeant Ripley, in one of his most underrated roles. The ensemble also includes Ruth Wilson (The Affair) and Sienna Guillory (who played SSA Kate Joyner in two episodes of Criminal Minds). This series can be even more intense than Silent Witness, but if you can power through, the actors are incredible.

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These sales are limited-time only, so take advantage of these prices while they last. Stay tuned next week as we’ll keep you updated on the latest Amazon Video deals for TV crime drama fans!