5 TV crime dramas to watch this weekend: Aug. 8-9

Perry Mason. Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO
Perry Mason. Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO /

Perry Mason’s finale is one of the TV crime dramas for this weekend

It’s a relatively quiet month in terms of TV. Even the streaming services don’t have as much as normal. However, there are still some great TV crime dramas you’ll want to check out this weekend.

We have a weekend of finales and new seasons. Many top shows are on Netflix this weekend, but there are some on premium cable and normal cable networks. It’s time to dive into the top 5 TV crime dramas for the weekend.

Perry Mason

Perry put the final pieces of the puzzle together during the previous episode. Now it’s time for it all to come to a head in the Perry Mason Season 1 finale. Della still wants to put Emily on the stand, but she needs to convince Mason to do it first. Will he finally accept this could be the perfect way to win the case?

This episode should wrap up this case, but it’s not the end of Perry Mason. The second season is officially confirmed.

Watch the finale on Sunday, Aug. 9 on HBO and HBO Max. Catch up on the previous seven episodes throughout the weekend.

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness

A show that doesn’t have a known fate yet is The Alienist. The two-hour finale of Angel of Darkness airs this weekend, and it looks like John Moore is in some grave danger. Can Sara talk Libby out of killing him or will we end the season on a somber note?

On top of that, we need to know what will happen to Dr. Kreizler. Is he ever going to be able to practice alienism in New York again?

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness airs Sunday, Aug. 9 at 9/8c on TNT.

World’s Most Wanted

For those who prefer true crime, you’ll want to turn your attention to Netflix this weekend. That’s right, the true TV crime dramas are on a streaming service. World’s Most Wanted Season 1 is now available to stream in full.

The show focuses on those who are suspected of heinous crimes. They’ve avoided capture around the world and have become the criminals with the biggest rewards. The docuseries profiles these criminals.

World’s Most Wanted is now streaming on Netflix.

High Seas

Finally, we have the third and final season of High Seas. This Spanish period murder mystery is a must-watch. Everything takes place on a cruise ship in the first two seasons. We ended the second season with the ship arriving in Rio De Janerio, but will the third season take place there or on the ship still? That’s something to find out.

As it’s the confirmed final season, we hope to get all the answers to our burning questions. Who do you think did it?

High Seas Season 3 is already streaming on Netflix. You can also stream the first two seasons now.


Head over to The CW app. The first episode of Coroner is now available to stream, in case you missed it on Wednesday. The Canadian drama offers a look at the medical examiner side of things, something that even the likes of NCIS and CSI have often overlooked in favor of the other evidence.

We also get a show that focuses on personal lives and work lives mixing together. Jenny wants to help get justice, but she’s also dealing with her own grief.

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Which TV crime dramas are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.