Cooper Friedman talks how Perry Mason was a ‘cool’ show to work on

Image Courtesy Cooper Friedman
Image Courtesy Cooper Friedman /

Cooper Friedman talks all things Perry Mason and Criminal Minds

Cooper Friedman has certainly gained more attention since being on Perry Mason. He plays Theodore, who we just couldn’t get enough of throughout the season.

Precinct TV sat down with Friedman to talk about his role on the show, including what it was like to step onto a series set in the 1930s. Apparently, it was pretty cool for this guy, and we can totally understand that. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be transported back to the past, even on a film set?

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While we don’t know if Theodore will be back, we do know Perry Mason Season 2 is happening. We can only hope for him to return, too. That’s something we chatted about during the interview to make sure Friedman was interested.

Precinct TV: What’s been the most interesting/fun thing for you about your role in Perry Mason?

Cooper Friedman: I think the most interesting thing is working with Matthew Rhys who plays my dad and Gretchen Mol who plays my mom. I really enjoyed talking with them.

PTV: We hear a lot about Theodore but we don’t see a lot of him. So how did you figure out who he is? Did you make up your own details about his character/his history to fill in the gaps?

Friedman: The writer and director explained a little about the character to me and the rest I just made up in my head.

PTV: His relationship with his dad is obviously crucial to the show. What was it like working with Matthew Rhys to build that relationship?

Friedman: Matthew Rhys is awesome. I loved talking with him in between takes. We also played chess together.

Image Courtesy Cooper Friedman
Image Courtesy Cooper Friedman /

PTV: Perry Mason is a very different show than others you’ve been on. Was it a challenge playing in the different time period of early Los Angeles?

Friedman: It was not challenging; it was actually really cool. I loved seeing all the 1930s sets and cars. The wardrobe department had so many vintage clothes. It was like going to a museum. It’s fun to learn a little history while working on this show.

PTV: How would you compare Theodore to some of the other characters you’ve played? Did any of your past roles help prepare you for this one?

Friedman: Theodore is very sheltered and is a little shy. I played Hudson on the tv show Colony. Hudson’s character was similar to my character in Perry Mason. They both did not have their father in their lives. They were both shy and sheltered from the outside world.

Image Courtesy Cooper Friedman
Image Courtesy Cooper Friedman /

PTV: We learned this week that Perry Mason is coming back for season 2. So if we see more of Theodore next season, is there any part of him you want to know more about? People you’d love to work more with? What would you want to see next for your character?

Friedman: I would love Theodore to spend more time with his dad and learn more about what he really does. Maybe Theodore would go live with his dad part time. It would be really awesome to have some scenes with John Lithgow. I really admire him as an actor and he is very nice.

PTV: Your very first role was in an episode of Criminal Minds, another crime drama. What was that experience like?

Friedman: Criminal Minds was the first time I had to cry for a role. I had to be scared and be emotional. I like to play emotional characters. I love to be challenged.

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Perry Mason Season 1 is available to stream on HBO and HBO Max.