All the TV crime dramas coming to Sundance Now in September 2020

We Got This -- Courtesy of Peter Cederling/Sundance Now
We Got This -- Courtesy of Peter Cederling/Sundance Now /

We Got This is one of the TV crime dramas on Sundance Now in September 2020

Are you ready for a new selection of TV crime dramas? September is usually when we’re getting ready for the new fall dramas, but that’s not the case this year. Fortunately, Sundance Now has you covered throughout the month.

The final two episodes of The Suspect will air during the month, and there’s the start of a new TV crime drama. Here’s a look at all the TV crime dramas heading to Sundance Now in September 2020.

The Suspect

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We’ll start with the two episodes of The Suspect arriving during the month. This true-crime series tells the story of the brutal murder of Richard Oland. The prime and only suspect is his son, Dennis. Over the course of the next two episodes, we continue the look into the evidence and the defense’s attempts to help their client.

The finale airs on Sept. 8. What will the outcome of the case be?

We Got This

Starting on Sept. 3 is We Got This, a series about an American living in Sweden who is desperate for money. When he comes across a 50 million Sedish Crown reward for the solving of a 30-year-old murder, George English delves into the case.

At first, he is the laughing stock of the town. However, he soon finds evidence that could help to solve the cold case. Of course, there are some people out there who would prefer the case remained unsolved forever, putting George’s life at risk.

Like many Sundance Now shows, the episodes will be released weekly.


Stellan Skarsgård stars as John River in the 2015 series. He’s a brilliant but fragile police inspector, who is routinely haunted by the victims of his cases. He needs to find a way to put the past to one side to focus on the cases that need his attention.

All six episodes are released on Sept. 10. Lesley Manville also stars in the series, making it a great option for The Crown fans who want to see her in a serious role before she takes on the role of Princess Margaret.

Fight for Justice: David and Me

For those who prefer true-crime documentaries, Fight for Justice: David and Me is the series to watch on Sundance Now. Ray Klonsky was a troubled Canadian teen who started writing letters to a prison inmate known as David McCallum. After hundreds of letters and graduating from university, Ray heads out on a mission to free a wrongly-convicted man.

McCallum was eventually freed after almost 30 years behind bars. This has a bittersweet ending, but it’s an important one to show the systemic racism in the system and the problem when police are certain they have their suspects.

Watch on Sept. 15.

One Lane Bridge

Finally, we have the release of the New Zealand series One Lane Bridge. Maori detective, Ariki Davis, reawakens a spiritual gift that has consequences on a case, and naturally on his career. His life may also be put at risk from the ambitious decision.

While all this happens, there’s a murder investigation going on. A body is found, but it’s soon clear that this person didn’t jump from a bridge. It’s a homicide in a small town. Who knows what?

This is one of those TV crime dramas with a weekly release starting on Sept. 17.

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Which TV crime dramas are you watching on Sundance Now next month? Let us know in the comments below.

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