All the TV crime dramas coming to Acorn TV in September 2020

The Sounds -- Courtesy of Acorn TV/Davide Zerilli
The Sounds -- Courtesy of Acorn TV/Davide Zerilli /

A look at all the Acorn TV crime dramas coming next month

Are you ready for a new month of TV crime dramas? While the broadcast networks won’t have much in September, streaming services have our backs. That’s certainly the case when it comes to Acorn TV.

There’s something throughout the month for crime drama fans. Whether you want a weekly release or a binge-watch, you’re covered.

Here’s a look at every TV crime drama coming to the streaming service.

The Sounds

We’ll start with the Acorn Original heading to streaming throughout September. Twilight and Proven Innocent‘s Rachelle Lefevre stars as Maggie Cabbott. She and her husband Tom, played by Matt Whelan, move from Canada to New Zealand to start a new life.

When Tom goes missing in a kayaking accident, it immediately spells trouble. Unsettling facts about Tom come to light and Maggies learns about the long-buried secrets. She also realizes that not everyone in the close-knit Pelorus community is as they seem. Can Maggie get to the bottom of the mystery?

Two episodes are out on Sept. 3, and then it’s one episode per week.

Public Enemies

Next up is the three-episode drama from 2012 titled Public Enemies. This is one for Marcella fans as Anna Friel stars as a probation officer, who is tasked with watching the recently-released-from-prison Eddie. Of course, Friel’s Paula is also in the middle of her own situation, returning from work from a suspension.

The story offers a look at the criminal justice system, looking at both the offender and gatekeeper. There’s a love story mixed in with the story of life after prison and the suspicion that follows. Does the society really believe in rehabilitation?

All three episodes are available on Sept. 7.


More from TV Crime Dramas

Next up is Wisting, starring Sven Nordin and Carrie-Anne Moss. Set in Norway, this is one of the foreign-language TV crime dramas heading to Acorn TV during the month. It’s most definitely worth the subtitles.

Nordin is William Wisting, a homicide detective who has to deal with the most shocking case of his whole career. Moss is a New York-based FBI agent who is tasked to help Wisting find and capture the serial killer on the loose.

For Prodigal Son fans, there’s a slight connection. Wisting’s daughter, Line (Thea Green Lundberg) is a journalist who wants to chase the biggest headlines. Naturally, that leads her into the path of the serial killer.

All 10 episodes of the series will drop at once on Sept. 7.

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Bang Season 2

For those who love the Welsh TV crime dramas, you’ll want to tune into Acorn TV toward the middle of the month. The Fall‘s producers bring us the second season of Bang, following police officers Gina Jenkins and Luke Lloyd as they attempt to solve a series of murders that seem to be connected to a rape allegation of the past.

The serial killer is out in Port Talbot targeting men who were all named by one woman 10 years ago as attackers in a rape case. The rape case fell apart before it got to trial, so the men never got their day in court. It looks like one serial killer is bringing justice himself.

All six episodes are out on Sept. 21.

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

Next up is The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, based on the novel by Fergus Hume of the same name. Set in 1880s Melbourne, the story is about Brian Fitzgerald, a romatic rival of Mark Frettlby arrested for a crime. Did he do it? Nobody knows. You see, he refuses to give an alibi.

Fitzgerald’s lawyer and fiancee are left with the need to search for the truth. While there are certainly some secrets, they may not help the man. It turns out that there are a few scandals involving opium dens, brothels, and more.

This is a movie rather than a series but still worth watching. It drops on Sept. 21 on Acorn TV.

The Advocates

Last of all, we’re turning to The Advocates, a series set in Edinburgh that gives us a look at the world of lawyers and advocates in the Scottish legal system.

After the murder of a prostitute by a deadly overdose, it’s clear that this could be foul play. The city is already surrounded by fear of AIDS and drugs, and it could mean to the closure of a local health clinic due to that fear.

The second season sees a man accused of murdering his own wife. However, it’s soon suspected that the wife may have been the victim of a serial killer.

All six episodes of the early 90s series are available from Sept. 28.

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Which TV crime dramas are you watching in September? Share your top picks in the comments below.

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