Jennifer Esposito and Laila Robins are in The Boys Season 2

The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
The Boys Season 2 -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Laila Robins and Jennifer Esposito are back on The Boys for Season 2

There’s certainly plenty of content to watch this weekend. Young Wallander is now available to stream on Netflix, and now The Boys Season 2 has premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

Granted, The Boys probably isn’t the first show you think of watching for your TV crime drama fix. It’s not a crime drama in the more traditional sense. However, there are crime elements to the superhero series.

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What’s going to pull you in is the fact that NCIS‘s Jennifer Esposito and The Blacklist‘s Laila Robins are back on the series. The two were in the first season in small roles, and they’re back to reprise those roles in the second season. We’re not going to share what happens to them and how many episodes they’re in (you’ll need to watch the show to find out) but they are important parts of the overall story.

Jennifer Esposito is Susan Raynor

Jennifer Esposito was introduced to The Boys in the first season as the CIA contact for Billy Butcher. She was the one helping to bring in laws against the Supes, until the news that there were superterrorists out there broke. Suddenly, she had no way of preventing the Supes from joining the military or the ability to go up against them.

However, the fight isn’t over. She doesn’t like Supes or the things they do. Will she be able to find a way to work with the vigilante group to take the Supes down once and for all or will she become another victim?

Laila Robins as Grace Mallory

In the graphic novels, Mallory is a male. The Boys opted to do a gender swap, and it was done well. Laila Robins stepped in the role of Grace Mallory, a former operative who had brought The Boys together. She retired after Lamplighter killed her grandchildren.

It shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that Robins is back as Grace. After all, we’ve found out Lamplighter will be part of the story, played by X-Men‘s Shawn Ashmore. Considering the backstory, it makes sense to see Grace and Lamplighter up against each other, right?

We’ll also get some Frenchie backstory, and we know Grace doesn’t like him. Will we find out why?

Check out the trailer for The Boys Season 2 below:

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The Boys Season 2 premieres with three episodes today on Amazon Prime Video. New episodes are released each week until Oct. 9.