5 reasons why you should tune in to see Starz original Power Book II: Ghost spinoff

Power Book II: Ghost. Image Courtesy Starz
Power Book II: Ghost. Image Courtesy Starz /
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Big names added to Power cast

Throughout the series of Power many cast members came and went. However, in the final season, many key members of the casting carousel will not find their way back to Power Book II: Ghost. That sixth season confirmed the death of Valdes along with other regulars who were killed off such as Andre Coleman (Rotimi), Kesha (La La Anthony), Joe Proctor (Jerry Fererra), Spottswood “Spanky” Richards (Omar Scroggins),  Jason Micic (Mike Dopud), Vincent Ragni (Joe Perrino) and others. The biggest of all, the show’s leading character Ghost was killed.

With so many characters and actors out of the picture for the spinoff, the spinoff features strong stars that should breathe life in the series. Mary J. Blige and Clifford “Method Man” Smith headline the show’s biggest casting additions. Blige will play a queen pin in the story named Money Stewart Tejada. Method Man is Davis MacLean, an ethically challenged defense attorney.

Casting those two is a power move (pun intended) for this Starz spinoff. As regulars, their contributions will be key to continue and build a new legacy for this new Power format. As expected, they drew much praise from the returning stars of the original series.

“All the new energy has been fun and it is going to be different,” Naughton said in the Starz Behind the scenes special. “I know it is going to be hard to close the chapter on Power, but trust me, we got you, so get ready.”