The Sounds star Matt Nable dives into New Zealand drama

Matt Nable as Jack in The Sounds. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Acorn TV.)
Matt Nable as Jack in The Sounds. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Acorn TV.) /

Matt Nable digs further into the mystery of The Sounds.

The Sounds is the latest international TV crime drama to premiere on Acorn TV, and audiences are already pulled into the story of Tom Cabbott’s inexplicable disappearance from his seemingly great new life.

While Maggie (Rachelle Lefevre) looks for her husband, there’s also a cop hot on his trail—Jack, played by Matt Nable (Riddick, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow). Needless to say, Jack looks at Tom’s vanishing a bit differently.

Precinct TV spoke to Matt about his perspective on The Sounds ahead of Monday’s new episode. If you missed the first two installments, you can still stream them now on Acorn TV before Episode 3 premieres!

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Precinct TV: How did you get involved with The Sounds originally?

Matt Nable: The director, Peter Stebbings, is a very old friend of mine. We worked together twelve years ago on a pilot over in America…We’d always been looking to do something together again. We had written a couple of plays together and had kept in contact through that process.

And then this came across his desk. He was in New Zealand; he just got in contact with me and asked me if I was interested and asked me to have a look at it. It materialized from there…Also, it was not a long way from Australia. I was looking to stay home as much as I could, and the story read interestingly. It ticked a lot of boxes straight away.

PTV: You’ve played several police officers prior to The Sounds, in projects like Underbelly and Blue Murder. Does any of that previous experience help you?

MN: Not always. There are so many different divisions to a police force. I have played a lot of police, but the way the character develops really hinges on the story…There’s always something that gets within the story. Because I’ve played an abundance of police, I’m always cognizant of the fact that I don’t want to do the same thing. [I’m] just trying to find a way in. It really then becomes about the person.

PTV: You then have this unique balancing act where Maggie is doing her own investigating that drives the series, but you don’t want Jack to look like he’s playing catch-up with her or being a mere roadblock. How did you approach that aspect of The Sounds?

MN: I think he’s just following the trail of where the investigation’s leading. It’s a pretty simple situation for him. Maggie can go out and do her own thing; he can’t stop anyone from investigating at all. There’s no law against a civilian digging up dirt or looking for answers for a problem that they have.

He didn’t feel hampered by her. He understands that she’s got a missing husband. He’s just trying to facilitate the investigation while trying to help her. I don’t think he sees it as her being a hindrance. He’s been very gentle with Maggie at the beginning of this investigation to make sure that she feels comfortable with what he’s doing.

PTV: Is there anything about Jack’s story that you want viewers to be looking out for?

MN: He’s trying to juggle his past with what’s going on in the investigation presently.

PTV: Rachelle was discussing how New Zealand is its own character in The Sounds. How was your experience filming there?

MN: New Zealand is a gorgeous country…We did two weeks up in a place called Whangaroa. Those were two of the most enjoyable weeks I’ve had anywhere in the world. To film in New Zealand was, I’m really very blessed to have had that three-month period that I was there. The people were fantastic. The food was wonderful. It’s a gorgeous place, and it was only half a day away from home.

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Episode 3 of The Sounds is now streaming on Acorn TV. Watch now with a 7-day free trial.