Why you need to make Bang Season 2 your next binge-watch

Bang Season 2 -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Bang Season 2 -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /

Bang Season 2 is the perfect TV crime drama to watch this week

Fall TV is starting to come back on broadcast networks, but that doesn’t mean there are some great options on streaming sites. Bang Season 2 is the newest release on Acorn TV, and it needs to become your next binge-watch.

The show is a Welsh drama, bringing a story a little like Hinterland and Keeping Faith. There is a grittiness to it, but not quite on the level of Marcella and The Fall. However, it is certainly enough to draw you in if you love the darker types of crime dramas.

There’s an excellent cast connected to the series. Doctor Who‘s Catrin Stewart returns as Gina with Our Girl‘s Jack Parry-Jones as Luke. The two work together to solve the case, but they’re not alone. You’ll recognize Rhydian Jones, Suzanne Packer, and David Hayman, among the cast.

You’ll quickly be taken on one hell of a ride on Bang Season 2

The six episodes focus on one storyline. When a man is found killed and hanged upside, everyone in the small town is ready to solve the case. It’s not going to be easy to figure it out, with every suspect telling their own stories.

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The show isn’t afraid to take you on a wild ride. You’ll just think you’ve found the killer when you realize that you’ve been taken on a wild goose chase. It’s the perfect show for those who love to solve the mystery along with the detectives.

We do get to see some of the criminal activity that the cops don’t get to see. The question is whether the criminal activity is anything to do with the murder.

A dual-language series

One of the strong points of the series is the mixture of languages. Welsh remains the first language for many parts of the country, and it’s not surprising there are plenty of Welsh-language programs around. Many of them are filmed in English, too, offering something for both.

Bang does things a little differently, and the second season follows that pattern. We get part-English and part-Welsh throughout the series. The Welsh makes sense when Gina is speaking to her brother or with other Welsh speakers. When it comes to some parts of her job, she switches to English without an issue.

You will need to pay attention, though, of course. With the subtitles, you know there’s something important in the conversations. This isn’t one to watch while scrolling on Twitter.

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There’s plenty of character development

A lot of the time, the focus is on one character only with the case. That’s not the case for Bang. All the main characters get some decent attention, with some interesting character development.

Of course, Gina gets the most development. She is the lead character, after all. She’s not your standard cop with a lot of baggage, though. There is a little family drama, but she’s focused on being a good cop and solving the murder. Her baggage isn’t going to get in the way.

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Bang Season 2 is now available to stream on Acorn TV.