One Lane Bridge Episode 4: Can Ariki save [Spoiler]?

One Lane Bridge -- Courtesy of Sundance Now
One Lane Bridge -- Courtesy of Sundance Now /

Can Ariki save [Spoiler] after the events from One Lane Bridge Episode 4?

Major spoilers for One Lane Bridge Episode 4 in this post.

We’re over the halfway mark on One Lane Bridge. That means answers will start to happen, but first, Ariki needs to save a life.

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At the end of the episode, Ariki slipped down a bank and ended up walking back home. That meant crossing the bridge, a place where he is constantly being drawn to. This time, it was like a hawk was drawing him to the bridge, needing him there to save a life.

As that happened, Emma walked into the water to kill herself. Believing her dad’s spirit had gone into a hawk that was now dead, Emma has given up hope. She wants to be back with her dead. Of course, it looks like she’s possibly got the wrong hawk if we’re to believe the supernatural elements of the story. Grub’s spirit is in the other hawk in the sky.

Ariki watched as Emma ignored his calls and sunk into the water under the bridge. Realizing finally what she was doing, he jumped into the water to save her.

Is Ariki too late to save Emma’s life?

It wasn’t that long between Emma sinking into the water and Ariki finding her. He should be able to save her rather than her becoming yet another victim of that cursed bridge.

Considering her role in the story so far, it’s unlikely that she will die. After all, she needs to find out that her dad’s spirit is possibly in the other hawk. There’s nothing to gain from Emma’s death except more heartbreak, and TV shows don’t tend to write in death just for the sake of killing a character.

Emma believes in the supernatural. As Ariki starts to accept the things around him, she could be someone to turn to. So, she’s needed for the overall story and her death is unlikely.

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Why did Ariki see himself?

The bigger question to ask after watching One Lane Bridge Episode 4 is about what Ariki saw in the water. As he found Emma, he saw himself. It indicates that he’ll be the one to die at the end of the season.

There are a few reasons he’s seeing himself. The first is that this is his destiny. He could end up drowning at the end.

The second is that it’s a warning. If he continues down the path that he’s currently on, he could end up being another victim of the bridge. However, if he changes his path and listens to the ghosts of the bridge, he could end up saving himself. Now he’s going to need to decide his next steps after saving Emma.

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What do you think the ghost of himself means for Ariki? Will he save Emma? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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