Bad Mothers season 1 is now available on DVD

Bad Mothers cast includes Tess Haubrich (far right). Courtesy of SundanceNow.
Bad Mothers cast includes Tess Haubrich (far right). Courtesy of SundanceNow. /

Bad Mothers season 1 is now on DVD.

If you missed Bad Mothers when it streamed on Sundance Now, good news—the Australian TV crime drama has come to DVD this week.

The two-disc set is currently available on Amazon for $27.97 as of this writing; however, they’ve only got a limited number in stock, so don’t waste time adding this one to your collection!

Both suspenseful and a little irreverent, the series peels back the veneer of an idyllic neighborhood to show that everyone’s a little flawed, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Unless, of course, it gets you killed.

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Sarah (Tess Haubrich, Treadstone) has worked hard to craft the perfect life—a great marriage to celebrity chef Anton (Daniel MacPherson, Strike Back), two wonderful kids, and an esteemed medical career.

But her need for perfection drives Anton to cheat with Sarah’s supposed best friend Charlotte (Melissa George, Alias).

And when Charlotte is found dead not long after Anton’s infidelity is exposed, Sarah goes from darling of the community to wife of a murder suspect. Everything she loves is crashing down, and she’s on a mission to stop it.

We’ve seen these kinds of suburban murder mysteries before; for example, this show has been compared to Desperate Housewives. But that’s really not a fair comparison, because there’s a lot more heart to Bad Mothers.

While the show has soapy elements—Shalom Brune-Franklin’s scene-stealing character can be over the top, both in her immaturity and some of the situations the show puts her into–there’s a very nuanced discussion about what makes a marriage work and how that defines someone in the way Sarah and Anton’s relationship is written, and Tess Haubrich and Daniel MacPherson deliver performances that give their characters a lot more depth.

Then there’s Sarah’s entanglement with Charlotte’s husband Kyle (Don Hany, East West 101), which is by turns creepy and vulnerable and wait, could he be involved in the crime?

The whole cast, though, is uniformly fun to watch and audiences will definitely be kept guessing about who killed Charlotte. While there aren’t any special features on the DVD release, this one is worth owning just because you’ll want to watch it again and again.

There are also subtitles for the hard of hearing.

Watch the Bad Mothers trailer below and then order your copy of the first season on DVD today.

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Bad Mothers season 1 can now be ordered on DVD through Amazon. The complete first season is still streaming on Sundance Now.