5 TV crime dramas to check out this weekend: Oct. 17 to 18

Photo: The Gentlemen.. Image Courtesy Christopher Raphael/STXfilms
Photo: The Gentlemen.. Image Courtesy Christopher Raphael/STXfilms /

5 TV crime dramas you can check out this weekend

We’re getting closer to our favorite TV crime dramas to return. Soon, we’ll have plenty to watch each weekend. Right now, many are still struggling.

With streaming services and cable channels, we do have options. One on this list isn’t necessarily a TV crime drama, but it is on a premium cable network this weekend, so we’re counting it. Here are five TV crime dramas to watch this weekend.

The Gentlemen

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We’ll start with the offering that isn’t actually a TV crime drama. It’s a crime movie, and one that all Guy Richie fans are going to love. Matthew McConaughey plays an American expat in London who has created a profitable weed empire.

When word gets out that he wants to cash out and move back to America, multiple people decide to plot and scheme to take over. These shady characters are more than happy to turn to blackmail and bribery to get what they want.

The Gentlemen airs on SHOWTIME at 9/8c on Saturday, Oct. 17.

The Wrong Cheerleader Coach

Next up, we have the Lifetime movie offering. The Wrong Cheerleader Coach is a must for fans of traditional Lifetime movies.

It focuses on a father and daughter who find themselves as the latest victims against a cheerleading coach from hell. Will they be able to escape the mess with their lives?

You can watch the movie at 8/7c on Lifetime on Saturday, Oct. 17.


Just have time for one episode of a TV show? Sundance Now is the place to turn. The first episode of Des dropped on Thursday.

David Tennant stars as Dennis Nilsen, also known as the “Kindly Killer.” Between 1978 and 1983, Nilsen killed 15 boys and young men in Soho. The series looks into the reasons why, but questions whether there’s ever a reason why for a psychopathic killer like him.

Mystery Road Season 2

Acorn TV has a couple of TV crime dramas to binge-watch. The first is the entire second season of Mystery Road, which dropped on Monday. Aaron Pedersen returns as Detective Jay Swan, who teams up with local constable Fran Davis when a decapitated body is found in the coastal town called Gideon.

The two have to deal with an archeologist getting in the way because she doesn’t want her dig site closed, as well as a town plagued by corruption. Can they stop the body count from rising?

Episodes released weekly.

The Sounds

Stick with Acorn TV for the final offering. The Sounds received a weekly release, but you can now binge-watch all eight episodes. The finale dropped on Monday.

It’s time to find out what secrets the small town is hiding. What secrets did Maggie’s husband hide, and what exactly happened to him?

Next. All the TV crime dramas coming to Acorn TV in October 2020. dark

Which TV crime dramas are you watching this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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