Coroner touches on the generation not willing to talk

Coroner Season 2 -- Courtesy of Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Inc./The CW
Coroner Season 2 -- Courtesy of Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Inc./The CW /

Liam tries to open up to his mom on Coroner Season 2, Episode 6

We hear all the time about how those with mental health problems need to talk. However, this is only something that has been pushed more recently. Coroner Season 2, Episode 6 reminded us of the generation that doesn’t want to talk.

It’s a similar situation to A Million Little Things. When Rome struggled with depression and went on anti-depressants to help, his dad didn’t want to know. There is this belief from the older generations that talking is weakness, and Coroner continued this message.

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When Liam wanted to talk about Mal’s attempted suicide due to his PTSD, his mom didn’t want to hear. The story is that he was trying to clean his gun and it went off accidentally. Yes, Mal’s parents and Liam’s parents want to pretend that it was an accident and not intentional.

It’s the worst thing they could do. They’re telling their sons that they’re weak and that they just need to get over things, and that leads to even more problems. We see it at the end of the episode as Liam sits by the tumble dryer. His parents aren’t willing to talk.

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Liam’s downward spiral will continue

Coroner hasn’t shied away from showing mental health problems in all forms. It all started with Jenny’s anxiety, and we are getting elements of depression thrown in there too. We have her dad dealing with dementia, a grown man who doesn’t have full control over his life.

We also see Ross dealing with depression and uncertainty. He’s grieving for the loss of his dad while also figuring out what he’s supposed to be doing next, especially now that he’s not graduated high school.

The first season didn’t have much time to focus on Liam. There was a flash during the Thanksgiving episode, but it’s been the second season that we’ve really had a chance to see his PTSD. He’s struggling to deal with the things he did and saw during his time as a sniper. The person who helped him tried to kill himself.

Now the people close to him don’t want to talk about it. They’re of the generation that mental health issues are something to keep to yourself. Even though we know different, it’s hard not to follow something that has always been pushed onto you. Despite knowing your parents are wrong, it’s hard to go against them.

Jenny wants to help Liam, but she’s not in the position to do that. Liam is the one helping her. This is about to get worse before it gets better.

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