SWAT: Did Hondo make the right choice when it came to Leroy’s parole hearing?

Did Hondo risk his reputation for his friend on SWAT Season 4, Episode 3?

Caution: Minor spoilers for SWAT Season 4, Episode 3.

Hondo had a difficult choice to make on SWAT Season 4, Episode 3. He could either risk his reputation for a friend or choose to anger that friend.

Leroy, Darryl’s father, asked Hondo to speak on his behalf at his parole hearing. As a SWAT officer, Hondo’s word would have a lot of weight. The problem is it would mean Hondo risking his reputation. By saying he believed Leroy was a changed man, it would be on Hondo if Leroy committed another crime.

Was Hondo willing to risk all of that? Was he also willing to risk losing Darryl, who had made some major changes to his life since moving in with Hondo?

What choice did Hondo make?

In the end, Hondo made the only choice he felt was right. He told Darryl that he couldn’t speak on Leroy’s behalf at the parole hearing. There was no way he could risk his reputation, but also he didn’t want to risk Darryl’s future.

Darryl has turned a huge corner. One thing Hondo fears is that Darryl will be in the wrong place at the wrong time or face the wrong cop. Because of the color of his skin, Hondo is terrified that something will happen to Darryl, and that’s more likely to happen with Leroy around than with Leroy behind bars.

While Darryl was disappointed (who wants their father locked up?) he understood. Now it was time for Hondo to break the news to Leroy.

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Leroy’s words prove Hondo made the right choice on SWAT Season 4, Episode 3

Leroy was understandably angry that Hondo refused to speak on his behalf. He was counting on Hondo so he could get out of jail. This isn’t the place he wants to spend the rest of his life.

The problem is Hondo can’t trust Leroy will get a good job and keep his nose clean. Everything is stacked against Leroy, especially with a criminal record.

Was it the right call? Leroys threats at the end of SWAT Season 4, Episode 3 prove that it was. Leroy told Hondo to watch his back. There were certainly threats against Hondo, suggesting that Leroy hasn’t changed at all.

If Leroy is freed, there’s the risk that he will do something out of anger. He’s resorting to threats while behind bars. What would he do if he was a free man if he felt someone wronged him?

It was too much of a risk to Hondo’s reputation. It’s also too much of a risk to the people of Los Angeles. Hondo made the right call.

What did you think of Hondo’s decision? Was it the right one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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