Is Colin Donnell going to play the new Fly Team boss in FBI: International?

Luke Kleintank is leaving FBI: International, which means the Fly Team is losing its boss. Will Colin Donnell come in as a new boss or a villain to track down?
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In some exciting news, Colin Donnell is joining FBI: International. The news of him joining did follow on from some upsetting news for fans as we’re losing the current Fly Team boss.

Luke Kleintank is leaving the series. This is his choice as he wants to spend more time with his family. It certainly raises questions about what’s going to happen. Will Scott Forrester decide it’s time to leave the team, or will we see a more devastating end?

This could affect whether Donnell is joining the series as a new team leader or as a villain. Depending on the way Forrester leaves will depend on how fast it’s possible to get someone new on the team.

Colin Donnell is confirmed for two episodes of FBI: International

At this point, Colin Donnell is only confirmed for two episodes of FBI: International Season 3. He’ll be in the final two episodes, following on from Kleintank’s exit in the May 7 episode. This would initially suggest that he’s going to be a new team leader, but that’s not necessarily the case.

It is possible that Kleintank’s last episode is going to see him killed off. The Fly Team could spend the final two episodes tracking down the killer, which could be Donnell. If you’ve seen Irreverent, you’ll know that he can play a bit of a villain as well as a hero. Just look at his role as Tommy in Arrow. This is a guy who has the range, so let’s not count him out as a villain just yet.

Teri Polo is also joining the cast in the last two episodes

We’ll also see Teri Polo join FBI: International in the final two episodes. She has the opportunity to come into the series as a series regular in Season 4 as well. This could suggest that she’s the one coming in as the new boss of the Fly Team.

When Polo was first announced, there were theories that she was coming in as Forrester’s mother after plastic surgery. Then there were theories that she was coming in as Tate’s or Smitty’s mom. These are still plausible, but we could also see that she’s the one who comes in to help the team deal with Forrester’s departure.

It’s clear at the time Polo was announced as joining the cast that Kleintank had likely already confirmed his departure. This would allow the writers the time to craft an exit and give viewers time to get ready for a new team leader.

With both Donnell’s and Polo’s roles under wraps at this point, there are all sorts of plausible ways that they can come in. My gut is telling me that Donnell could play a major villain in the final two episodes connected to Kleintank’s exit in FBI: International.

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FBI: International airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.