Yes, the wait for The Rookie Season 6 comes to an end in February 2024

The Rookie Season 6 premieres this month on ABC. Here are all the details we have for the new episode so far.
THE ROOKIE - Key Art. (Disney)
THE ROOKIE - Key Art. (Disney) /

The wait for our favorite broadcast shows is coming to an end. The Rookie is one of those heading back to our screens this month.

ABC has set the date for The Rookie Season 6 premiere as Tuesday, Feb. 20. It is a little later than the CBS premieres, but we know this will be worth the wait. We’re just excited to see more Chenford on our screens.

Something to make a note of is the change of time. Instead of kick-starting Tuesdays, The Rookie is moving to the middle timeslot with Will Trent kicking off the night. It’s worth watching both shows!

What to expect when The Rookie Season 6 premieres

The Season 5 finale ended with a major cliffhanger. We had no idea if Thorsen was going to survive after he started crashing following his surgery. The teaser trailer and the key art for the season has spoiled all that, though. It’s very clear that we have nothing to worry about.

That is unless the show does a bait and switch on us. Chicago Fire did this going into Season 8. The character Otis was in the key art but he was shocking killed off in the premiere episode. Could we lose Thorsen in a similar fashion?

Probably not.

Instead, a lot of fans are concerned with some spoilery behind-the-scene photos from Eric Winters. It looks like Lucy is going to end up in hospital. Of course, Bradford will be by her side worried about her. Will this make them take the next step in their relationship? Is it time for Lucy to move in with Tim? We’d certainly love to see that!

Meanwhile, eyes will be on Nolan and Bailey, who are getting married. Weddings usually end up with some sort of crime drama happening. Just look at Wes and Angela. Is that going to be the case for Nolan and Bailey? As long as it’s not ex drama, it should all be fine to deal with.

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The Rookie Season 6 premieres on Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 9/8c on ABC. Catch up the following day on Hulu.