All the TV crime dramas coming to Acorn TV in February 2020

Agatha Raisin -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Agatha Raisin -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /

Acorn TV has some excellent TV crime dramas heading our way in February 2020. Whether you want a thriller or fun murder mystery, you’re covered.

There are some excellent TV crime dramas heading our way on Acorn TV during February. We already know that the 200th episode of Murdoch Mysteries will air, but here’s a look at everything you can watch throughout the month.

February sees something released weekly that will probably strike your attention. Whether you want a fun murder mystery or you’re looking for something more serious, Acorn TV has a mixture. Now you just need to figure out the time in your day to watch everything. At least with everything being on streaming, it’s easier to watch!

Agatha Raisin Season 3 premieres

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We’re starting with the premiere of Agatha Raisin Season 3. This season will be split into three feature-length episodes, a little like the way Sherlock was always released. Based on M.C. Beaton’s best-selling novels, the episodes will be released weekly.

The Deadly Dance airs Feb. 10, then The Love from Hell, and then finally, As the Pig Turns. You can get more information about the third season here.

Murdoch Mystery Season 13 continues

This month isn’t just about the 200th episode of the Canadian period crime drama. Each week, new episodes of Murdoch Mysteries will air. It starts with Episode 8 of the current season airing on CBC, titled “The Final Curtain.” When an actor is killed during a play featuring Brackenreid, Murdoch and the team go in to investigate. They’re there to support Brackenreid anyway.

Of course, the 200th episode is not one to miss. It features familiar faces from history, including Marie Curie and Nikola Tesla.

Check out the series on Mondays.


If you want something more serious, you’ll want to turn your attention to Hidden. This four-part gripping thriller sees Philip Glenister as Harry Venn, a high street solicitor with a murky past that’s come back to haunt him. When he picks up a case to find a missing alibi witness, he ends up investigating the death of his brother that happened 20 years earlier.

Set across London and Paris, the series focuses on the murky waters of the British political system. If you enjoyed The Bodyguard then you’ll want to check out this.

Hidden will be available on Feb. 10.

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For those interested in foreign language programs, Sisters is the series to turn to. All six episodes will drop on Acorn TV, bringing you an Italian crime drama that will leave you needing more. Chiara has moved away from her home town and her family, seeking a successful career as a lawyer. When her sister, Elena, goes missing and is found dead, Chiara moves back home to connect with her brother-in-law and family again.

However, naturally, there are plenty of secrets in the closet. Chiara is about to find out the full truth.

What all episodes of Sisters on Feb. 17.

What to Do When Someone Dies

Finally, there’s a three-part drama heading to Acorn at the end of the month. What to Do When Someone Dies sees Anna Friel as Ellie Manning, a schoolteacher whose husband is killed in a terrible car accident. However, it’s soon clear the accident wasn’t just an accident.

Someone wanted Greg and the woman that he was with dead. Now Ellie needs to figure out who it was because she’s the one framed for murder.

What to Do When Someone Dies airs Feb. 24.

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What are you looking forward to seeing on Acorn TV in February? What do you hope to see in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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