Murder In The First star Kathleen Robertson going Swimming with Sharks

Kathleen Robertson is known as the star of Murder In The First, but she’s now writing and producing a TV version of Swimming with Sharks that has a twist.

TV crime drama fans know Kathleen Robertson for starring in TNT‘s Murder In The First, but they may not know she’s an outstanding writer as well—and now she’s behind an update of Swimming with Sharks.

Robertson played Inspector Hildy Mulligan on Murder In The First, which ran for three seasons on TNT. She’s also guest starred in episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Flashpoint, and Rookie Blue.

She’s also been steadily building her writing career, and now she’s writing as well as producing a small-screen take on the 1994 movie that starred Kevin Spacey and Frank Whaley as an iron-fisted, abusive movie producer and his new assistant respectively.

In Robertson’s version for streamer Quibi, the main characters are female and being played by Diane Kruger (who headlined FX’s crime drama The Bridge) and Kiernan Shipka (the star of Netflix‘s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and previously Mad Men) respectively.

According to Deadline, which first reported the casting, Shipka’s assistant character is now named Lou instead of Guy, and when she gets her job at the male-dominated studio where Kruger’s Joyce is the only female executive, she “is poised to outwit them all.”

It’ll be interesting to see how Robertson updates Swimming with Sharks in general, since the movie celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. But especially given the fact that it’s set in the Hollywood world, people will certainly be looking at it through a lens of the Me Too movement. It could go from just pure black comedy to something both dark and timely.

Here’s the original movie trailer to put the series in context:

This is something that TV crime drama enthusiasts will want to keep on their radar, even though it’s not a crime story. Kathleen Robertson was great in Murder in the First, and one of the biggest reasons to watch that show. She has a knack for storytelling as an actress and this will be an opportunity for fans to see how she tells stories as a writer.

Especially because it’s on Quibi, which bills itself as serving up short-form episodes that are ten minutes or less, this is something that will be easily accessible and easily consumed. And if it’s as gritty as what we saw in Murder in the First, or as dark as George Huang’s original movie, this will be a wild ride.

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You’ll have to keep your eyes open, though, because the show doesn’t have a premiere date—Quibi itself doesn’t launch until April 6 and it hasn’t been stated if Swimming with Sharks will be available right away or not. You can, however, pre-order Quibi here.

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