Upload Season 1 theories: Who did kill Nathan and why?

Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios
Upload season 1 - Courtesy of Katie Yu/Amazon Studios /

Upload Season 1 has a murder mystery to solve. However, not all the answers are given. Here are my theories on who killed Nathan.

Upload most definitely needs a second season. Throughout Season 1, we knew we had a murder mystery to solve. While we got some clues, we didn’t get the full answers by the end of the season. The cliffhanger left us with some major questions.

It’s time to break down the possibilities. I’m sharing my theories on who killed Nathan and why they did it.

There are spoilers for the Upload Season 1 finale in this post, though. Just fair warning.

It wasn’t Jamie or Ingrid

Jamie and Ingrid were the two that many focused on to begin with. Fran was sure Ingrid had something to do with Nathan’s death, especially after seeing her do something to his car. Jamie was avoiding phone calls suggesting that he was avoiding a discussion because he was the guilty party.

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In the end, we found out that Ingrid had switched Nathan’s car to “Protect Occupant.” That suggests she knew her dad was going to do something and she couldn’t let that happen. She was focused on making sure her boyfriend lived in some way. Maybe she knew that she couldn’t stop him from being injured, but she could make sure he survived long enough to be uploaded.

As for Jamie, he felt guilty about sleeping with Ingrid. That’s why he felt so guilty. I don’t think he was the one to kill Nathan or even want his best friend dead.

Ingrid’s father seems the most likely

It had to be someone close to Nathan; someone who knew what Nathan was working on and could get access to Nathan’s car. There was only one person who that could have been: Ingrid’s father.

He probably didn’t do anything himself but would have had the money to pay people to do things. He could have paid someone to tamper with the software in Nathan’s car, knowing that Nathan tampered with the code anyway. He was certainly angry when Ingrid switched Nathan’s settings, suggesting that she knew he was up to something.

Why would Ingrid’s dad want Nathan dead? It all comes down to the program he was working on.

We found out that Nathan had considered selling a copy of his code to Ingrid’s father. He wanted to make sure his mom was looked after. However, we didn’t get to find out if Nathan actually went through with the selling of the code. Did he back out at the last minute, especially after there was the offer from Josh Pitzer to work with him?

Is it possible that Ingrid’s father wanted the code so much that he killed Nathan to get it? Or maybe he killed Nathan to make sure nobody else would get it, knowing there were some glitches within the code that Nathan still needed to fix.

Nathan clearly knows more but possibly doesn’t realize it yet. We know that Nathan made some calls and used up all his 2gb of data. He did it to protect Nora, but he may have also done it to protect others around him. Maybe he’s figured out the full truth, especially seeing the guy who attacked Nora at her home.

Someone at Horizon

Ingrid’s father does seem a little too obvious, right? So, is it someone else?

David Choke mentioned that Nathan was murdered. By offering a free digital life, he was threatening a major industry in the world. Of course people weren’t going to like Nathan offering this. There were plenty of people who would have wanted him dead; plenty of coders who would have been making millions from the various digital afterlife companies out there.

The fact that someone in Horizon had access to Nathan’s code suggests that it could have been someone from there. There was an unknown employee ID, someone who didn’t actually exist in the company. And that someone had access to Nora’s computer and could get into the building.

The building is in New York, while Ingrid and her dad are in LA. Now, Ingrid’s dad could have had someone working for him in New York, but the problems with Nathan’s memory drives started from his upload. That suggests it’s someone within the company.

It would make sense that someone in the company felt threatened. Nathan knows code. All he’d need was a way to get into the system’s coding and he could change anything. That’s something we’re seeing him doing now. So, who would be worried about that?

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Who do you think wants Nathan dead and permanently deleted? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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