5 TV crime dramas to watch this weekend: May 23-24

Hightown Season 1 -- Courtesy of Macall Polay/STARZ
Hightown Season 1 -- Courtesy of Macall Polay/STARZ /

A list of 5 TV crime dramas to check out over Memorial Day weekend

While there’s nothing new on broadcast networks, that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to watch this weekend. May 23-24 has some exciting content on streaming services and premium cable networks. It’s time to get the best list of TV crime dramas to watch.

If you enjoyed the premieres last week, you’ll certainly want to follow on with new episodes. Snowpiercer and Hightown both had their flaws in their pilot episodes, but that’s pilot episodes for you. The second episode is where to really decide whether a show is right for you.

Meanwhile, you’ll want to catch up on the season premiere of a top crime drama that involves a group of lawyers taking on criminal cases. Then there’s a new show to check out on a streaming service. Here are the top picks for Memorial Day weekend.

5. Hightown

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I’ll start with the Hightown episode on STARZ. It’s time for the second episode following on from an intriguing pilot. We’ve got our main characters separated for the most part. While Jackie is dealing with drug and alcohol addiction, Junior has realized that his father man have something to do with the murder.

Now is the time to get deeper into the mystery. This is when some of the red herrings will start to come out, but it’s also when the clues really start to surface. And I expect a little more about Krista.

4. Burden of Truth

If you missed out on the Season 3 premiere of Burden of Truth, now is your chance to catch up on it. The episode is available on The CW App. You won’t have too long to watch. Once Episode 6 airs, this episode will disappear.

The premiere introduced the new case for Billy and Joanna to deal with. The problem is they’re not on the same side when it comes to taking this case, and it doesn’t help their legal firm is running on thin ice financially.

3. Snowpiercer

After an intriguing pilot episode, it’s time to get into a few more details on Snowpiercer Episode 2. There were certainly some big reveals and actions taken throughout the pilot. Andre Layton has now officially taken on the murder case, but will he be able to solve it with so many people standing in his way?

This is a chance for Layton to start questioning people. We’ll get to know a little more about the other passengers in First, Third, and the Tail. Oh, and you’ll find out whose the “significant arm” is and a sacrifice that has to be made.

2. Killing Eve

There isn’t long until the finale of Killing Eve Season 3. In fact, tonight is the penultimate episode, so you’re going to want to tune in for it. This is when some of the bigger moments will happen, getting us into the finale that ultimately leaves us on a cliffhanger for a fourth season.

The good news is the show has been renewed for Season 4. So, are you ready to delve into the story?

1. Penance

Finally, it’s over to Sundance Now for something new. There are plenty of TV crime dramas to check out on the streamer, but this weekend it’s all about Penance. All three episodes are available.

Julie Graham stars as Rosalie, whose world collapses when her son dies. Suddenly, a mysterious young man enters her life. Is he interested in her or does he wants something sinister? There are twists and turns that you won’t expect and an intriguing storyline developing over the course of the three episodes. Binge-watch it right now.

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What are you watching this weekend? Which TV crime dramas are a must for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.