The Titan Games’ Bartley Weaver IV balances crime-fighting, competing

THE TITAN GAMES -- "The Titan Games Premiere" Episode 201/202 -- Pictured: Bartley Weaver IV -- (Photo by: Steve Dietl/NBC)
THE TITAN GAMES -- "The Titan Games Premiere" Episode 201/202 -- Pictured: Bartley Weaver IV -- (Photo by: Steve Dietl/NBC) /

The Titan Games’ Bartley Weaver IV serves as a state trooper while competing in other arenas.

In this week’s The Titan Games, Bartley Weaver IV was a tough competitor—which isn’t surprising at all considering that it’s his way of life. When not working as a Kentucky State Trooper, he’s got a wide variety of interests, many of them competitive.

Bartley recently spoke to Precinct TV about his career in law enforcement, putting himself in the public eye, and the many different hats he wears, from public servant to NFL mascot and even as a competitive eater.

Get to know Bartley Weaver IV more in our interview below, and if you missed his debut in The Titan Games season 2 premiere, you can watch the episode on Hulu. The new season continues next Monday at 8:00 p.m. on NBC.

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Precinct TV: How did you originally enter the law enforcement world?

Bartley Weaver IV: I had a criminal justice degree [so] I knew I would be doing something along those lines. I started working at a jail, then I worked as a probation officer, and now I’m a state trooper.

PTV: You expanded your career quite significantly, though—you also serve as a mascot for the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, are a competitive eater, and are also a personal trainer. How do you balance all of these external pursuits with your law enforcement career?

BW: I always pride myself on pretty good time management. A lot of people enjoy laying on the couch and watching Netflix and stuff like that; I don’t get into much of that. I don’t have time to. I stay busy but everything I do, I enjoy it. It’s not a big deal.

PTV: You’re internationally ranked in competitive eating, which is not something TV viewers know much about. Can you talk about that part of your career?

BW: I turned pro last year and signed a three-year contract with Major League Eating. I’m ranked number 32 in the world, and number one in Kentucky.

Most events are 10 minute speed eating contests, but I also do fun challenges on the sides. I’m attempting to have a food challenge win in every state. A couple weeks ago I did The Rock’s 13,000 calorie cheat meal challenge. I also competitively eat for charity as well. Last Christmas I ate 47 slices of large pizza in 30 minutes to raise $5,000 for less fortunate kids to go Christmas shopping.

PTV: So in the middle of all this comes The Titan Games. Why did you decide that the show was going to be your next challenge?

BW: I applied for the first season, but I never submitted it. The only part that I lacked was the video saying why should I be on The Titan Games. With my new position with the Tennessee Titans, and I’m turning professional eater as well, I was like I’ve got some storylines now. They say, why should you be a Titan? And I was like well, I already am. That was my calling card this go-round. The Rock’s the man, and I’ve always idolized him. I thought if there was ever a time to do it, now was the time.

PTV: This level of athletic competition is not something you can prepare for lightly. How did you get ready, and did it differ from what you’d normally do to keep in shape as a state trooper?

BW: Training is one of my number one priorities. I’ve been training almost 20 years straight now, 19 and change. I love working out. I don’t know what to do if I’ve got to take a day off. So that wasn’t a problem. I just needed to transfer to a little bit more aerobic capacity. It’s different from the bodybuilding stuff that I do but [I] just incorporated a little more high-intensity stuff, and stuff like that, to get ready for the show.

I did the best I could. I tore my hamstring at the combine and we started filming three weeks later. So I had to do some super healing there!

PTV: Did you find that any of your previous skill sets helped you on the show?

BW: Yes, I did. There were a couple obstacles that are similar [to] different football drills I’ve done in the past. I played college football [at] a Division II school in Kentucky. Just growing up playing football my whole life, several different drills and techniques come into play. I think there’s some correlation behind that, because The Rock played at Miami, so he’s got some football in him too.

PTV: You’re no stranger to being in the public eye because of your work with the Titans. But what has it been like with the show, having you and your story on national television?

BW: It’s pretty surreal, especially just getting all the attention from the media and everything that I’m getting right now. I’m pretty excited for it.

PTV: Now where do you go from here? Are there other interests that you’re pursuing, or that you just want Titan Games viewers to know more about?

BW: My passion is helping others reach their fitness goals, and that gets overlooked sometimes. I’m an online coach and a personal trainer. With all the other careers that I’ve got, that rarely gets mentioned, but that’s one of my true passions.

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